7th Dec 2009, 10:38

Wow! That is all I can say. Thank you for your comments on your 1998 T5-SE. You have made my car buying decision easy. After what feels like years of research, I will be going to buying the exact car you are speaking of from my local used car lot tonight. The car has 260,000 Km on the clock and was a one owner car; I can only hope to have a similar experience to yours. You have made me very comfortable with the fact that I should not have any issues with my 80km commute.

This car is replacing my aging Honda, and is only meant to be a short term solution until I find something I like in a new car. After reading your post, I fear I might fall in love with the car and not be able to part with it. This is how I felt about my 1987 740 GLE that unfortunately someone used as a back stop while running a red light years ago, resulting in the car being written off (to old to fix I was told).

Thanks again for your wonderful review/comments.

16th Dec 2009, 20:42

Thanks for your comments over the time, very interesting reading.

I have just purchased a 1998 S70 2.5 20V, 100km on the clock with one owner all services done since new. Has an airflow on the back and leather interior.

Lovely car so far, nice to drive, powerful and reasonably frugal on the gas/fuel (I live in Australia).

I have had many Volvos; 240s, 244s, 740s. The newer model has nice leather and wood etc, which is quite "posh" from what I am used to.

I hope I get a reasonably trouble free run off this car.

4th Jan 2010, 20:04

Happy New Year to the list. Now that we are past 21 Dec 2009 and the days are getting longer again (in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!), it's about time for the usual check-in! Glad to hear that our Aussie friend who wrote on 16 Dec 2009 has become a member of the club. Last time I was down under was in Adelaide, now almost two years ago, I saw a few S70s zipping around with very happy drivers. Nice to know. Much better weather than in these parts!!

This will be a short note. First, because I've commented so recently, and second, because everything is "per usual" with the passion red S70 T5 SE. I've more regularly taken over the Swede as my daily driver from my wife because recently-completed road improvements on the commute make the drive into the city and back again less challenging than in Winters past when the 4Runner was the better choice for reasons already explained.

To date this year, the weather has been your typical, but slightly more intense Winter here in S. Alberta. So, the dark, the regular blizzards, the consistently slick conditions, the commute crap being flung on the windshield all the time, and tons of solid muddy ice crud stuck on all the mud guards and in the wheel wells pretty well defines the commute and then the weekend cleanup, week after week. I've already gone through more windshield washer antifreeze this year than in the past five years combined. That's a lot. Nasty, mucky stuff. And the trusty Swede just keeps motoring on, with nary a whimper.

Our youngest son, now in his early thirties, visited for Christmas from Northern British Columbia. He had never driven the Volvo previously and was greatly impressed, especially with the "W" setting, as he noodled around town and in the neighbourhood. He was incredulous that the Volvo could be intentionally brought to a halt on a reasonably steep, snowy, icy, slick hill, the "W" button engaged, the throttle could be pushed down, and the Swede would gradually (and happily) ease forward, pulling up and away, never failing, ploughing through and over the packed-down ice and snow with the skid control buzzing, left and right. At the top of the hill, he turned to me and said, "Holy crap! That's about as good as my 4X4!!" (He has a really nice 2007 GMC pickup with all the bells and whistles including "intelligent" four-wheel drive and HD mud-and-snow tires, etc., that can go through just about anything).

"Hey," he said at dinner later that evening, "you wouldn't want to sell your Volvo, would you?"


Best wishes to all.


27th Sep 2010, 18:59

Hello, I am the happy owner of a 1990 Volvo 740 Turbo Automatic. Time to pass the car to my son however. I am currently looking for your car! Bright red '98 T5 SE. There are several for sale and prior to reading your notes, I confess, my colour choice is now secondary. Could you share with your captive readers the name of the Mink Oil rub you have been using religiously on your steed? Also, keep writing, as I for one want to hear how things progress. Imagine, better mileage as more kms are added to the log!

30th Sep 2010, 20:40

Blueleezard, thank you for the comments over the years on your S70! Very enjoyable reading.

Here's my story: I bought my wife a '98 V70 wagon with 145,000 miles, 2 years ago, and we loved it so much that I bought a 2000 S70 SE (last of the Swedes!) 3 months ago and couldn't be more happy. It is a 2nd owner dealer maintained S70 that starts, drives and stops like new with 160K miles! Black on black leather, and flawless inside and out. Non-turbo, but plenty of power and torque.

The only repairs on the V70 have been a dealer re-weld of the front top passenger door hinge ($200) and a new motor mount ($198). Both cars are OEM stock except for the addition of K&N reusable air filters, they really do make a difference in performance. The 70's are our daily drivers.

I also own a 1994 Toyota 2-WD 22RE 4.cyl 5 speed manual pickup with 285K that I bought new in '94. Believe it or not, original clutch with no slippage! Routine maintenance is the key to Volvo's, Toyota's, Yugo's or any automobile. Maintenance schedules such as filters, brakes, bulbs and fluid changes are key. Someone once complained that oil changes cost more for the inline 5 cylinder. That's partly because the oil pan holds 6.1 quarts instead of the traditional 4-4.5 quarts. But what that means is the increased volume of oil circulating in the engine means it stays cooler and cleaner for longer because it recirculates fewer times... gear heads will get it.

Oh, I admit to being one myself, a self-certified Chevelle nut (Beaumont to you up North!) For 25 years I have had a love for 1960's muscle cars, and the small block Chevrolet V-8 in particular. My wife and I have a painstakingly restored 1969 Chevelle Super Sport that we are very particular about. I rebuilt the motor and transmission myself, and the Volvo Inline-5 in our 70's is the only engine that has struck me like small block Chevy's have. In fact, I have my eye on a 2000 S70 SE in Texas (I live in Ohio) that has 80,000 miles and all dealer service records, one owner, in Silver and immaculate condition for $7,000 (!) that I would like to buy and garage, and only drive on sunny days like we do the Chevelle.

These cars will become harder and harder to find and for good reason. I remember in the 80's when you could buy Chevelles for a song, and I look back now thinking that I should have kept every one that I ever sold... I will not have that regret with our Volvo's, because I'll never sell them! The wife keeps showing me pictures of S60 R models... 300 HP stock? Intrigued. Uh Oh Volvo, here we go again. I can't wait!


1st Oct 2010, 06:47

To the above commenter; you're right and go for the S60! I changed out of my wonderful 98 S70 2.5 20v Auto 149k miles (Met Red with oak leather) into a 2005 S60 R (Black with Burnt orange Leather) 18 months ago, and it's a natural upgrade. My S60 has been wonderful as was my S70. I drive/drove both cars very hard, but looked after them as well, and they haven't cost me anything outside of routine servicing, etc. I can't rate them high enough - The R has 4wd and 300 bhp with the gorgeous sounding cyl engine. So comfortable with great build quality. Looks great and is safe. A winning combination before mentioning the fact that it's way cheaper than anything that's even close to comparing it with ;-) Go Volvo. I'm not yet 30, but won't be changing brand - my Fiancee's V50 is great too ;-)

6th Jan 2011, 20:46

Update: first, Happy New Year to all -- here we are in 2011, and I wonder where the past year has gone! Second, I just want to comment on how the S70 T5 SE is doing now that I've switched over to a 2004 V70R manual (comments on that in other post). I took the "Passionate Swede" out of our neighbour's garage, and drove down into town today to top up the gas tank, fill up the windshield washer antifreeze reservoir, and ensure that all systems are "go". No problems whatsoever -- everything is good. Instant start-up. Everything felt *exactly* the same as is has for the past 5+ years. So I am happy to report that the "Passionate Swede" is doing fine. Hopefully it will find a new home reasonably soon.

Cheers to all.