25th Jun 2016, 19:02

Sorry but my Volvo is literally falling apart around me. 2006 with 101,000 miles, most everywhere rubber or plastic used on this is cracked or breaks apart if touched. The black vinyl surrounds on the door frames are completely spider-webbed with cracks. Transmission clunks when shifting from reverse to drive. Drinks oil like gas.

This car has been maintained by a Volvo dealer and serviced as recommended. Trade in value is nonexistent and I will wind up donating to some kid for a first car. Really sad as I enjoyed the drive and comfort. Worst reliable car I have ever owned. Ridiculously expensive repairs and upkeep. My last and only Volvo we will ever own. Looking at Lexus this time.

21st Jan 2017, 05:11

I'm sure a manufacturer would prefer you buy a new car every few years, rather than you running a long-term ad campaign for them.

21st Jan 2017, 14:43

Not really :) - https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/miles.php

Owners fan based I know, but I think Saab and Volvo offered a one million club badge of honour for their cars as advert to their longevity (well maintained of course) and that helps with the manufacturer's image.

I get what you are saying though - a car manufacturer is just a business at the end of the day, and of course needs to sell new cars.

However, if they ignore the used car market and cost cut on materials, people will notice in the long run as the car gets older, and their image will suffer as a result if a relatively modern car starts giving major problems in the first few years. Old cars are just as important as new cars, and they still make money off parts at the end of the day.

No one is saying a car can have 300,000 miles or whatever without major work, but the trick to validating if one car is "tougher" than another is seeing if it actually is still going after many years and mileage without any serious issues, with general maintenance. Gone are the days when cars were finished at 100,000, now 200,000 plus is expected of them, at least since the 1990s onwards, in my humble opinion.

10th Sep 2017, 18:08

Of all 'luxury' level European brands, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo, Volvo are the most durable ones. In other words, bringing a Volvo from 100000 miles to 200000 miles will cost you less than with a Mercedes, BMW or Audi. That said, don't even dream of putting nothing but brakes, oil and wipers on a Volvo between 100000 and 200000 miles. It is a European car and there will be several parts that need replaced after 100000 miles. Suspension (the 4C suspension is very expensive and no aftermarket parts available), engine mounts, a cabin blower, a couple of engine sensors, a PCV system, an A/C compressor pulley bearing. Not counting here electrical gremlins or other repairs.

THERE ARE repairs and items to be replaced after 100000 miles on a Volvo. The thing is not to bring this car to the main dealer after 100000 miles because the costs will cause most people to faint. Have it serviced/repaired at a local independent Volvo specialist with original or quality parts (Sachs, Lemforder) purchased on various selling sites online.

17th Feb 2018, 01:18

The salient point is, that some car models cost more money to keep running than others.