23rd Feb 2005, 10:33

I have owned a 2002 S80 2.9 for a little over two years. I bought it used with 27,500 miles. It now has almost 60,000 miles on it. I have never had a major problem with it. It is a joy to drive and gets great gas mileage on the highway. Over 35 years I have owned 10 vehicles. This Volvo S-80 is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned!

Note: Readers of forums such as this should keep in mind that people are far more likely to post negative messages than positive. Keep this in mind when making decisions.

25th Feb 2005, 23:18

Hello, my volvo s80 was reliable up to 70,000 miles. Afterward the following things have gone wrong: Replace tire rods outer and inner;Replace drivers lock; Replace throtle module; Replace Transmission! Replace Rotors. I suppose the list will double once past a 100,000.

20th Apr 2005, 22:54

Thank you to everyone I was just about to buy a 2000 Volvo S80 2.9. Thanks to this site - I just have to keep looking.


Farmington, NH.

7th Sep 2005, 19:05

I'm torn. I test drove an S80 T6 the other night and was about to buy, when I started reading around the internet. Seems like a big headache, although there are some who praise the vehicle. I wonder if people with problem cars are far more compelled to complain than those that are satisfied. Such a nice driving car though...

4th Apr 2006, 07:25

I too believe in doing a little research before I fork over hard-earned green for a car. I absuoluely loved the look and feel (and indeed the price) of an 01 S80 (60000 miles)... I too was heart broken to force my self to turn my back on it... I actually paid 2k more for an 02 Ford Mondeo (29000 miles) I reccon I will have recouped this money within 2 years by way of saved maintenance and running costs. BTW I am very happy with the Ford.

26th Dec 2006, 15:45

I love the car. The alarm system has not worked since I got it. There is noise in the front end. Transmission makes a small tug when the gas is given hard. But with 95,000 miles I expect that. Just regular maintenance will keep me going for and other 90,000 miles. You right the ones with no problems, have noting to complain about.


Breaux Bridge,LA.

27th Mar 2007, 14:33

In 1999 I bought a S80 T6 "program car" from the dealer, with 3500 miles on it. If not for the extended warranty, the repair costs would have been unbearable. The first year I had the car, it spent a total of 28 days in the shop for repairs. At 17,000 miles there was a particularly scary event: a total failure of front left balljoint, at 2 miles per hour in my office parking lot. That is... the left front wheel assembly just FELL OFF THE CAR! And it was a shame really, because when it ran, the S80 T6 was such fun to drive. But the car could not be relied upon. It had the elements of a very fine car value, but just terrible implementation by Volvo. Don't know if they ever got it right. Consumer Report suggests they did not.