2000 Volvo V40 1.6 gasoline from Latvia


At least try it!


Nothing really!

General Comments:

A dream to drive, very comfortable. Engine could be stronger. With it's 110 bhp car is a little "lazy", but this is not a sports car anyway. V40 is not too big and not too small, perfect for a small family.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2002

13th Jan 2003, 05:59

In my opinion the difference between 1,6 and 1,8 engine is not so big. However 2,0 engines are real blast!

18th May 2011, 06:40

I could not disagree more. I have owned a V40 1.6. I would not buy another one. The transmission is sloppy, it is the engine is too weak. The loading threshold in the trunk is a bad idea and the rear seats are too cramped.

Stay away. Life is too short to waste on sub par cars.

19th May 2011, 03:20

Buy a T4 then with 200hp, and this will change your mind...!

2000 Volvo V40 from North America


A ford escort in a Volvo package


Quite a few things have gone wrong with this car, and they started at around 5,000 miles. The car stalled for no reason from 1,000 miles until it hit 10,000 miles. The computerized locks had a chip malfunction and locked my two year old in the car in 20 degree weather, the locks were up, but the doors would not open. I had to have the police and a locksmith get her out. I have been through seven headlights, as they just burn out. I travel around with two spares in the glove box, and have learned how to replace them. The seat belt just came unscrewed and fell out on the drivers side, that was at 17,000 miles, The rear luggage shield is almost unusable, as the spring keeps breaking. And that is with very little usage. At 17,000 miles the rotors seized up in the rear and burned out the brake pads. This has all occurred before the car hit 18,000 miles. The leather on the seats started peeling within three months, no leather conditioners or maintenance has helped.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2002

13th Dec 2002, 13:39

Your rear rotors seized? Rotors don't seize - calipers seize. Since you show a lack of knowledge about what supposedly went wrong, I have little trust for your comments.

2000 Volvo V40 Wagon Automatic from North America


A good car until one thing goes wrong


Brakes and rotors needed to be replaced.

The sunroof spontaneously exploded while traveling down the interstate.

General Comments:

The service received during the repair and research of the sunroof explosion was horrible. Neither, the dealers management or Volvo Corporation would back their warranty on a car less than 9 months old.

For the amount of money I paid for the Volvo, I would much rather buy another Mercedes-Benz.

Due to the lack of service received, I will never buy Volvo again. Big corporations need to understand that their customers are what makes them money. They shouldn't bite the hand that feeds them.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2002

3rd Aug 2002, 07:53

You are right. Volvo doesn't stand behind their cars. They are dangerously following Fords precedent and their sales will suffer for it. As is this case if you follow the latest sales numbers. Volvo's sales dropped about 17% in the latest reporting period. I recently paid nearly $1000,00 to have the AC condensor replaced because a rock penetrated it. Volvo considers it much the same as a rock hitting the windshield. However, Volvo's design does not properly shield this expensive engine compartment component, where it should have. Now the engine is blowing blue smoke out the exhaust, which means oil is getting into the compression chamber and another fight with Volvo. This car has 54,000 miles on it, has been maintained by Volvo, and has an extended warranty. I will keep you all posted on the excuse they find this time for why they shouldn't pay to have it fixed.

22nd Aug 2002, 21:38

I bought a new 2000 v40 Volvo wagon from Lee Volvo in Natck Massachussetts. The car is a real lemon. It stalled at 5,000 mile. Had it checked out, and there was no reason. Since then, the locks seized up, locking a child inside, it was a computer chip glich. The headlights have been replaced, each seven times, the driver side seat belt, just came "undone"...The brake pads were just replaced at 18,000 miles, The car has been serviced regularly, and at about four thousand miles ahead of factory recommendations... then there is the things that went pop in the interior...

27th Dec 2008, 07:41

Well I hope you have all kept in mind that Volvo was in fact bought out by Ford in 98. I have had an 88 740 turbo wagon and a 77 242 coupe, and although the electrics are awful and other little things, neither of them have ever had rock piercings, compression issues or random headlight failures. I would absolutely hesitate to buy a Volvo made after 1993. Going older isn't a risk, it's an investment if it's a Volvo.

23rd Feb 2012, 20:11

So true. My '92 740 wagon has 216K on it. And I drive it like a madman, twice a day, every weekday. All the plastic thingies in the interior are falling off, but the engine is bulletproof. Too bad Ford had to ruin a great company.

5th Mar 2012, 21:30

I purchased a 1990 740GL SW one year ago with 190,000 K. It has been a daily driver every day. No issues after 10,000 additional miles. This is my second 740 GL. First one was 1988 740GLE that I sold to my son, who is still using it. Extremely durable and inexpensive to maintain.

2000 Volvo V40 1.9T from North America


Quick, comfortable, pricey, entry-level Volvo


Rear brakes locked up (one occurrence).

Key stuck in ignition (one occurrence).

General Comments:

The car accelerates and handles well, although it is a bit small and pricey compared to what's available from the competition. With two minor, quickly-repaired faults, the car has been reliable.

The seats are Volvo seats, which says it all -- they set the standard for comfort.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2002