16th Aug 2001, 09:15

Bought a used V40 in May. Excellent car, but I'm still waiting for the 'warranty' details, which I've now found is Car Care Plan Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (useful thing the internet!!). Dealer passed me to Volvo UK, who have now passed the query back to the dealer!!! Also the Post Office/DVLA managed to lose the new V5 application so I'm still waiting for a registration document in my name - good job it was taxed for 12 months!!

23rd Jan 2007, 02:23

I can't believe the problems some have had with Volvo's!

I'm on my second Volvo now (a V40 T4) and it's superb, my previous Volvo was a 480 Turbo and that was superb too. My father had two Volvo's and my best mate's had four Volvo's and they've all been superb.

Maybe (like every manufacturer) there are a few lemons out there. However - four gearboxes! :- (

13th Sep 2007, 21:56

I'm looking at buying a V40 T and have been doing some research. I've read all the reviews on this site and would say it's about 75 / 25 in favour of Volvo's. You have to wonder... what sort of driver goes through 4 gearboxes?

25th Aug 2011, 23:39

I used this site too, and purchased what I would call a wolf in sheep's clothing that is pretty much unknown in Australia (much lower chance of theft). My 1997 V40 T4 putts around like any normal 4 cylinder until you want/need to use its performance to overtake etc.

My wife used to race Minis, and loves the firm suspension settings, smaller size for a station wagon (estate), and the fact that it's a manual, which is increasingly hard to find in Australia now - I guess we'll be keeping it for a while and getting rid of the much newer Mazda 6.

Bought second had from an enthusiast, it's in really good condition, and despite 180,000km, has not given any trouble for the first 7 months.