2005 Volvo V50 2.3L from North America


Very nice looking inside and out, very functional, tight and solid car


No problems as yet.

General Comments:


Rear seat leg room is quite limited, especially with front seats fully back.

Space between accelerator and brake pedals is barely adequate for people with larger feet.

Rear storage area COVER is rather obtrusive and should be more compact. Storage area itself is quite compact.

Storage pod between the front seats is quite small, would be more useful if it were larger. Storage space available to the driver (for maps, Cds, etc) is rather lacking.


Interior fit, finish, and aesthetics are very good; a pleasure to be in. It seems Volvo has finally gotten over their insistence on using faulty interior plastics that become brittle and break prematurely. This car has a "soft touch" plastic material partly reminiscent of silicone that will probably last better. Controls on the center console are excellent: a combination of easy-to-work knobs for primary functions and menu programming to set preferences. Controls overall are very intuitive and easy. Sound system is fairly good for the base model. Leather seats are comfortable and supportive. Safety features are many and appreciated, some of which go unnoticed till they're needed. Example; I once accidentally shut the driver's door on my child's fingers. To my surprise, there was no pain-- large tubular rubber seal prevented a pinch. Air conditioning system works well, and the heating system is first-rate; this car has the most rapid heating system of any car in my experience. The overall feeling of solidness and quiet inside the car is particularly good.

Performance: Acceleration is only fair with the base engine, but fuel economy is good; and it requires only regular 87 octane gas (unlike Audi, BMW, etc. competing models). Braking and handling are quite competent.

Dealer service package is quite good; much better than the Subaru Outback that I also was considering. It extends one year longer for the Volvo, and you pay nothing, compared to about $1300 (for one year less coverage) with the Subaru.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2005

13th Dec 2005, 16:29

Sorry, I misspoke on the engine; its 2.4 l rather than 2.3l.

2004 Volvo V50 SE 2.0D from UK and Ireland


Great car excellent interior, Recommended


1.Passenger Seat mount, required welding on first service.

2. Gear change is 'notchy' but I always find the gear I need.

3. Drivers seat is starting to wear.

4. Service, didn't seem to make any difference to the feel of the car like I have experienced.

General Comments:

I love this car, it is without a doubt the best car I have ever owned. (also the most expensive!) However I was amazed at the deprecation. The load area is good however the fancy storage / cargo cover is obtrusive into it meaning higher loads don't always fit, without removing it.

Best bit... Motorway mile killer...

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Review Date: 26th November, 2005

12th Dec 2005, 09:31

"4. Service, didn't seem to make any difference to the feel of the car like I have experienced."

How can that be considered something that has gone wrong with the car?

You seem to be saying that you expect a car to feel to smoother after being serviced? That's a very subjective and debatable thing any way, and certainly can't be considered a fault.

Modern cars with electronic ignition and high quality oils should feel the same when due a service as when just done, or something is likely to be wrong!

7th May 2006, 12:52

We are seriously considering a V50 as our next family car, it being one of the few cars where both my wife and I agree on the styling, practicality, interior, badge (matters to one of us and not the other) and price.

Our only concern is paying UKP17,000 upwards for what is basically a Ford Focus estate with nicer styling and a better interior. Not that there's anything wrong with the Focus of course, but they are readily available for thousands less, and Volvos historically haven't exactly held their value like a BMW or Audi. A friend has just picked up a four year old, high-ish mileage but FSH'd S60 2.0TS for well under a third of its new value.

Would you consider the Volvo worth the extra outlay over the Focus?

10th May 2006, 15:16

We have completed 12,000 miles in a Volvo V50 2.0 Diesel. Is it worth the extra money that you pay for this vs Ford Focus? Well, like any car the reasons for buying tend to be emotive rather than objective. What I can say is that we are as pleased with the vehicle now as we were 12 months ago. I work in the car industry and drive up to 5 different cars a week, and this car is still one of the best. Safety, drive experience, road presence, performance, build quality are big plus points, and compare favourably in my opinion, to a Ford. Negatives are economy (37 - 39 avg mpg vs quoted 47mpg), and a few niggles with service from my local dealership, but nothing major.

The big unknown is future value, but to be honest at this rate we will be keeping the car for another 4 years anyway so future value is a little academic, and difficult to predict.