2010 Volvo V50 1.6 diesel from UK and Ireland


Expensive to buy, gets by on its badge!!


Engine changed noise. Advised by the dealer that the cam timing chain had jumped a tooth.

Stop start, stopped working!

General Comments:

I was not impressed by this car, which was a shame!

It was a company car that I managed to get rid of. The list price is high and the spec is low. The Skoda Octavia is bigger, cheaper and had more equipment!

I was expecting a little more!

The boot is very small for an estate car, and very shallow; even my laptop pilots type bag could not be upright, as the handle would not let the cover for the boot close.

The engine had enough power for most things, but the car felt heavy, which hit engine power. It's a shame, because the handling was good.

The interior was bland, and the seats, although supportive and comfortable, were made of some sort of potato sacking material; very hard wearing, but not pleasant.

I took the car in for a service, and was advised it needed some engine work. The car has a timing belt and twin cams, which are chain driven. One of the cams had jumped a tooth, narrowly missing an engine disaster!

I think my car was the 'ES' spec. If you are going to get a V50, buy a better model with a bigger engine. There was a good car in there trying to get out; it just needed more of everything!

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Review Date: 29th July, 2013

5th Aug 2013, 14:49

I wouldn't worry about that cam chain. Jumping a tooth happens sometimes, just like a bike chain can jump off the cogs sometimes. No biggie. Unless the teeth were ground away and/or snapped off, it shouldn't cause any issues.

2007 Volvo V50 SE Sport 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A superb, beautiful small estate, which I can only highly recommend


Not much really!!!

The air conditioning compressor failed at about 58,000 miles, but this was changed without fuss under warranty.

Managed to burn out a clutch, but that's not the car's fault.

Started taking a few attempts to start, but this was diagnosed as a sticking throttle valve - took about 20 minutes to change.

It's not even blown a bulb in the whole time I've owned it!!!

General Comments:

This is a beautiful, well constructed, well made, comfortable, safe and economical car to own. Simply the best in its class for the money in my opinion.

It's not a full blown estate car, as its size suggests, so don't compare against a Passat, etc. However for me, my wife and our Labrador, it's perfect! We wanted a good looking small estate that was also good to drive, and that's what we got!

Being the SE Sport model (facelifted 2008 MY), it already had the Volvo bodykit & spoilers as well as stunning 18" alloys, and looked great. Ours also has the factory sunroof and xenon headlamps (with cornering facility), which make it look even better.

Simply fantastic value for money too. Of course it's going to cost more than a Focus, Astra, etc, but it costs a lot, lot less than a 3-Series or A4, especially considering ours also has factory navigation (with remote), a SUPERB Dynaudio stereo upgrade, rear parking sensors, driver's and passenger's electric seats, heated seats, sunroof, xenons, Bluetooth etc, etc.

Very comfortable - just travelled 6 hours in it non stop yesterday, and could have just turned it around and driven back. Inside looks great with its floating centre console and aluminium trim. Being the facelift version, the plastics are a higher grade than the pre-2006 models, and it's slightly more practical with bigger door pockets, etc. Handles superb, and the 6-speed manual is great.

Gives me confidence in safety as well for my wife, as I know it's the safest in class. It even has the Volvo SOS system, which will call the emergency services for you if you have a crash and don't respond!!! How dedicated is that?!

Reliability has been fine - it's never left us stranded, and running costs are more than acceptable (roughly 45 MPG with fairly hard driving), and it will do 50 MPG + if driven carefully. My local Volvo dealer is very friendly and helpful. Tyres are a bit pricey though, and it wears through them a bit quick, but again, this is probably driving style!

We will be keeping this car as long as we can, as there is simply nothing we can replace it with to give us the same spec and 'likes' combination without spending £30k! No point in that, as we wouldn't gain anything. Anyway, my other car - a Volvo V70 - is up to 292,000 miles and still going strong, so we are in no rush!!!

If you are considering a small family estate, at least go and try a V50 - you may surprise yourself, and be smug in knowing you've brought a better, more stylish car, which people don't hate you for driving!

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Review Date: 12th November, 2012

11th Jan 2013, 16:34

Thank you for such an accurate review, I shall now most certainly purchase one for our nanny. Most splendid.