1997 Volvo V70 SE 2.5 10v from UK and Ireland


Surprisingly cheap motoring for a luxury car


Door Locks replaced under warranty.

Warped rear discs, replaced under warranty. These caused horrendous vibration above 65 mph and nearly made me sell the car after only 6 months of ownership. Volvo dealer excellent, especially compared to several previous Peugeot dealers. They could not do enough to help.

Electric windows fixed twice under warranty.

Accelerator cable replaced under warranty.

Drive-shaft gaiter failed at 5 years one month (one month out of warranty). Volvo dealer paid all labour costs.

Battery lasted 6 years.

Near side front wheel bearing replaced at 115000 miles.

Front discs replaced at 115000 miles.

General Comments:

An excellent family wagon. Supremely comfortable, reasonably quick, very quiet and massive.

I get 33 mpg most of the time, the lowest ever was 28.5 running at 95 to 105 mph in France. That's fantastic for a 2.5 even if it isn't the best accelerating car.

Early faults were annoying, but warranty covered everything without a quibble. Since then it's been utterly reliable save for the recent wear and tear replacements. It has NEVER failed to complete a journey.

Should last another 120k if I look after it.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2005

1997 Volvo V70 2.5 from Denmark


Fast and reliable station wagon


There has only been normal service to be done to this car.

I changed the brakes at 190.000.

I have a problem with the oil from the power steering.

General Comments:

The car is reliable!

Good assembly quality from Sweden.

It is also fast for a station wagon.

Comfort is in top class.

I will buy this one again.

Good for a family with children.

Big space in the station wagon.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2004

1997 Volvo V70 TDi SE turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A very economical and reliable flying machine


Air Conditioning gradually became less efficient and is now not working.

Rear washer inoperative.

Air flow meter has a fault which shows up as an engine management fault on the dashboard display. This shuts the engine down to "Get you home" mode, i.e. about 60 horse power. My local dealer was unable to fix it and suggested that the only course of action was a new air flow meter. I decided to investigate, stripped it out of the air cleaner and cleaned the sensor with petrol and a camel hair brush. This was entirely successful and has to be repeated about every 20,000 miles. I can do it now in about 20 minutes!

Interior tailgate trim now getting loose and needs some new clips.

In the hands of the previous owner the cambelt snapped at 73,000 miles and did £2500 worth of damage to the engine. Volvo say it will do 80,000 miles before a change is due, but the same engine in an Audi, the belt is changed at 60,000 miles. I do mine at 60K!

Bottom crankshaft pulley oil seal now weeping oil slightly.

General Comments:

Having owned the old 940 SE diesel estate which did 215000 miles with no trouble I decided to keep with Volvo and get the V70 for increased performance and handling.

This car is driven seriously quickly and always returns 42-43 mpg.

The mid range overtaking performance is fantastic and high speed cruising comfortable and quiet. You really can have your cake and eat it with this car.

Seats are heated and beautifully comfortable, I never get backache in driving even 400 miles per day.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2004

17th Sep 2004, 13:37

I also have a V70 2.5D, and the air flow sensor has failed. I would like to try cleaning it as you suggest, but where is it? I don't have a Volvo manual, or know where to find one on the web.

29th Jan 2005, 13:27

My 2.5D was bought under the Volvo Used Car Scheme. It had 97000 miles on the clock, and I found it on Volvo's website at a dealer 140 miles away. The car came with a Used Warranty limited only by its mileage.

The Engine Management Lamp began to illuminate within a month or so or delivery, and with it came pitiful performance. The car went in to my local dealers, who contacted the supplying dealer and Volvo. Between them they arranged for a new Mass Air Sensor, charging me a quarter of the full price (not covered by the warranty because of the miles). Superb service from both dealers, and 20 000 miles of problem free driving since.

I, too, would like to know about this trick with the camel hair brush and some petrol. At £500 I don't want to have to replace the sensor again!

5th Jun 2005, 13:28

I have had a v70Tdi for 4 years now, and it has covered 141000 miles. The warning light has come on recently and it has shown code 121 which is the air flow sensor, resulting in loss of power, eventually it goes out and everything is OK for about 300 miles, then it comes back on and lasts for another 200 miles or so. I would also like to know how to clean the sensor and wonder if it is worth replacing the offending item?

I have also experienced the air conditioning unit loosing its effectiveness, I had it re gassed and everything was OK. Not bad for about £60 from Volvo dealership.

Also the ride on my v70 Tdi has become very hard and bumpy!Does anyone have an explanation?