2000 Volvo V70 T5 from North America


Ostensibly a stable horse, but a race horse if limitations are tweaked


Power output drops considerably on some drive applications.

Roaring sound in the cold air intake system.

General Comments:

The V70 is a city car. It has low ground clearance, and looks too stylish to ever qualify as trail-rated. By stylish, I don't mean the V70 will sissy out on more difficult drive applications.

More than once I have noticed a slight drop in the V70 power output on the trail. I replaced the stock air intake of the engine, and limited as the V70 is by its low suspension, that did the trick.

Its spacious cabin and leather seats, moreover, make the V70 accommodating on cross-country, especially for children.

My V70 sports a T5 engine, which boasts of a 300bhp power output on average. Not what makes a trail-rated car better equipped, but the V70 is all right in the city streets, and tolerable on the trails.

I've worked with people at www.swedishpartsshop.com, a Volvo parts dealer, and almost inconvenienced them, really, trying out and exchanging shocks just to get the correct suspension setting for my V70. I found out I could not make it more of an off-road car.

Combined with the V70's all-drive capability, the T5 reminds me of what a "civilized" RV will look like, if there is ever going to be such a thing. But, had someone offered me an RV in exchange for my V70, I'd stick it out with my car. It is "the" family car.

With plenty of cabin space, and the safety features that Volvo is known for, I say the V70 is a nice attempt at combining the functionality of an off-road vehicle and the luxury of a city car.

The low ground clearance of the V70 makes a stable horse out of a race horse.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2007

10th Feb 2007, 06:14

The roaring sound in the air intake could well be the air con pump - I noticed it recently on a V70 2.5. Great car though!

2000 Volvo V70 Base 2.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Best seats ever!


So far, nothing has gone wrong with the car apart from the odd bulb failure - I guess due to the fact the headlights are on constantly!

Other than that, there's been the usual lower suspension arms, cambelt, sparkplugs and brake discs. Just routine wear and tear.

General Comments:

What an amazing car this has been for me. I'm so pleased with it.

The seats are so comfortable with plenty of adjustment and near perfect support. I don't know of any other car with seats anything like as good as these - perhaps SAABs are as good?

I tend to take them for granted, until I drive a different car and remember just how wonderful the V70 is.

The safety features are right up there too, OK it's not a class leader in safety anymore, but there's plenty of airbags and the WHIPS (whiplash protection) has got to be good news.

The rear space isn't as big as you might think, I reckon the Mondeo estate is bigger. But then, it's not exactly small either. With all the seats folded flat (they split flat too) you've got a big flat loadspace with a safety net too.

The stereo sounds great and always impresses people.

The dual zone climate control is good, although it can get chilly if there's a beam of light shining on the temp sensor and you're sat in the shadows!

I love the dealer service too, they just can't seem to be helpful enough for me. All the work they do is to a very high standard and they're very polite - unlike certain dealers I could mention. They are a touch pricey though!

Performance is OK, enough to keep up with faster traffic, but not exactly mind bending.

Overall, I love this car to bits. I only wish I'd opted for a T5 with AWD, maybe next time...

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Review Date: 27th April, 2005