2000 Volvo V70 Base 2.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Best seats ever!


So far, nothing has gone wrong with the car apart from the odd bulb failure - I guess due to the fact the headlights are on constantly!

Other than that, there's been the usual lower suspension arms, cambelt, sparkplugs and brake discs. Just routine wear and tear.

General Comments:

What an amazing car this has been for me. I'm so pleased with it.

The seats are so comfortable with plenty of adjustment and near perfect support. I don't know of any other car with seats anything like as good as these - perhaps SAABs are as good?

I tend to take them for granted, until I drive a different car and remember just how wonderful the V70 is.

The safety features are right up there too, OK it's not a class leader in safety anymore, but there's plenty of airbags and the WHIPS (whiplash protection) has got to be good news.

The rear space isn't as big as you might think, I reckon the Mondeo estate is bigger. But then, it's not exactly small either. With all the seats folded flat (they split flat too) you've got a big flat loadspace with a safety net too.

The stereo sounds great and always impresses people.

The dual zone climate control is good, although it can get chilly if there's a beam of light shining on the temp sensor and you're sat in the shadows!

I love the dealer service too, they just can't seem to be helpful enough for me. All the work they do is to a very high standard and they're very polite - unlike certain dealers I could mention. They are a touch pricey though!

Performance is OK, enough to keep up with faster traffic, but not exactly mind bending.

Overall, I love this car to bits. I only wish I'd opted for a T5 with AWD, maybe next time...

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Review Date: 27th April, 2005

2000 Volvo V70 SE 2.5L 5 cylinder from North America


Volvo needs to improve quality


Front ball joints and tie rods need replacement after 60,000 Kms.

The transmission has always shifted roughly. Dealer downloaded new firmware to rectify, but this only lasted for a few months. Rough shifting is back.

Steering groans when locked. Has been "fixed" numerous times but always returns.

Fake wood trim (plastic) on dash and centre console cracked within months. Volvo says this is a non warranty item, and wanted an astronomical amount to replace (CAD $700).

Suspension not up to par, terrible ride on bumpy roads. Rattling and squeaking. This car should not be showing its age so quickly.

Paint on bumpers peels off too easily. Volvo needs a better application process.

General Comments:

Excellent utility - tons of room for hauling stuff.

Very comfortable leather seats.

I like the many safety features. If I have to be in an accident, this is the car. Feels like a tank.

Performance (acelleration, handling and braking) are adequate considering the small engine size and intended use as a family station wagon it is fine.

I really want to like this car, the dealer and service are excellent, and the design is good, but the numerous problems and quality issues make it difficult for me to buy another Volvo.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2004

2nd Jul 2005, 18:01

Over the past twenty years, I have owned three Volvos. My first was a 340DL which just kept going and was heart broken to scrap it due to rust. My second was a 360GLE which was another good motor apart from the rust. My present one, is a 440Si which I have owned for four years. This 440 has never leter me down and I hope to keep it, although I will never love it as much as my old 1983 340DL.

I have to say in resent years, Volvo have woken up in regards to aerodynamic designs and have waved good bye to their boring and boxy image. I suppose boring and reliable is better than glamorous and unreliable. Who wants a car that although looks good, costs a fortune and then falls to bits? This has led me to believe that Volvo are now or have been more focused on making designs on par with rival models, thus paying less attention to quality and reliability. And as for all these electronics, are they really necessary? Older cars did okay without them. Electonic gadgets are just another money making way for the manufacturers. I prefer old cars. Although I was a dedicated follower of Volvo, even if cost of parts were stupidly overpriced, they don`t make them as good as they use to. Volvo is owned by Ford, therefore what you get is basically a glorified Mondeo with average Ford build quality and at a higher Volvo price. I have to say, a lot of persuasion would be needed to tempt me to buy a new Volvo now. I long for my old beige 340DL.