2000 Volvo V70 GLT from North America


An expensive lemon


The cup holder has broken twice.

A bracket holding the front left turn signal light broke (causing the light to pop out of the front grille area and dangle by the electric line).

The seat belts often don't retract fully (which caused the buckle to poke a hole in the door leather when the door was closed).

The cover for the driver's seat adjustment controls has broken twice and keeps falling off.

The button on the gear shift lever kept sticking and had to be replaced.

The windshield wiper fluid pump needed replacement.

Plastic covers which cover where the front seats are attached to the floor board near the back seat keep falling off. The carpet-like upholstery keeps pulling out from under the plastic moulding near the passenger side door.

Some kind of flap valve associated with the air conditioning/outside vent switching doesn't close properly (which causes the air conditioner to pull in outside hot air even on recirculation (in Texas, not good)).

Some kind of coating has begun to peel off the front and rear bumpers (Volvo says it's my problem because the paint is only warrantied for one year).

General Comments:

Too much time spent at the dealership.

I can't believe that for a garage-kept car with only 23,000 miles, that the paint (or whatever kind of coating) is already peeling off the bumpers (ridiculous for a $40,000 car).

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Review Date: 1st November, 2001

10th May 2002, 18:24


Not sure if this is the same as your car, but what the heck.

We have a 92 960 wagon. We got it new. The car is blue. I noticed that after a year or two that a blue film was peeling off of the area just below the front bumper. At first I was peeved. Then I found out that it "supposedly" is just there for cosmetic purposes, and that it is not there for European models. I was told that the delaerships usually remove it prior to delivery. Not sure how much of that story is true, but I wouldn't doubt it. I wound up peeling it off and to tell the truth, the black looks better than the blue film. And it doesn't scratch.

You other problems seem a damn shame for a 40k vehicle. Have been considering getting an XC, but am just not sure.

We have owned 4 Volvos over the years, and have generally pleased with them overall, but I'm wondering how the "ford effect" is going to pan out.

2000 Volvo V70 XC 2.1 ? from North America


Luxury, comfortable car, which still has to prove itself


Indicator lights faulted a few times (will be a recall soon, I was told by my dealer).

Locks itself occasionally when the rear door (station-wagon) is closed hard. Dealer cannot fix. Luckily I had keys always in my hand.

General Comments:

Car is very luxurious, handles well (All Wheel Drive) especially on wet or snowy (Canada) roads. Too expensive for what you get.

Seats are comfortable, heated and very adjustable.

Car is still excellent, but I hate to think what might happen when the warranty runs out, because dealer is very "distant" and not cooperative. Recalls are only mentioned when I came in for a regular service.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2001

2000 Volvo V70 2.5 NA from North America


A really nice car and a pleasure to own and drive


Two "infant failures": Immediately after purchase, a bad window switch, which was handled IMMEDIATELY by the very busy service department at the local dealer.

Also an intermittent door switch, which the dealer replaced even though they weren't able to reproduce the problem I'd had.

Also a dash speaker started buzzing (and was replaced under warranty). This I suspect - from past experience - was the result of my daughter's use of the very good sound system with very distorted recordings of hers.

Absolutely no other problems.

General Comments:

I drive the car very hard much of the time. This is the 9th Volvo I've driven and only the second one later than 1990. I've even had a 1965 that got 493,000 miles before I sold it. This one seems very much more refined than any of my earlier cars.

On an 18 gallon tank, I get over 540 miles on the freeway. This is good mileage for the size of the car.

My only negative comment is that it is not so easy to do my own work as the earlier models. As a result, I bought an extension to the warranty to cover the first 7years/100k miles.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2001