2002 Volvo V70 SE D5 from UK and Ireland


Beautifully executed estate... quick and classy


Nothing has broken so far.

I got the 4 wheel alignment done as I felt it was a little off. I have low profile tyres and the big Alamtheus alloys (225 x 45 x 17), so it's easy to knock the alignment out (apparently!!).

My car was parked up for a while before I bought it, so the disks are pretty rusty/corroded... Brakes work perfectly still.. but I worry a small bit. Again I think this is a common Volvo problem... whatever metal they use in the disks tends to corrode worse than other cars. (I live by the sea as well so maybe that's significant)

General Comments:

Great looker, SE model.. so top spec. Metallic paint, big alloys. Beautiful interior... nicest I have ever seen in any car. Black leather everywhere even on the doors. The black dash plastic is 'soft touch' so even looks a bit 'leathery'. It all blends in very naturally. Seats are very big and comfortable, steering wheel is big and chunky with lots of buttons on.

Standard stereo is really superb.

Diesel engine is outrageously powerful in the mid range. Nothing special from take off... (but I guess I was used to driving a Toyota MR2!!).. but get it in 2nd/3rd gear with the revs at 2000 and its just frighteningly fast!! (in a good way!!).. its easily as fast as the MR2.

Only downside is that the steering/suspension needs good roads... you need to slow down pretty seriously on the bumpy stuff.. or it would wobble and bounce all over the place.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2009

29th May 2012, 10:28

It's me again.

94000 miles now on clock. This is probably my nicest and most reliable ever car (considering the mileage).

Wouldn't change any previous comments. Still a sweet driving car. Easily the nicest engine of any car I have ever owned. Big smile on my face every time I floor it.

Fuel economy.. Mid 40's... but I drive like a lunatic most of the time. So better economy than that is easily achievable.

Have had a few small problems.

Electric window on driver's door stopped working. Central locking seems to only lock two of the door now consistently.

Cruise control sensor blown... In fairness none of these things really bothers me, and will get them sorted at next service (OK, central locking not working is annoying).

Biggest downside, is due to change in road tax in Ireland, this car is becoming very pricey to run :-( Over €1000 for road tax every year now.

22nd Apr 2013, 08:50

Sold my Volvo in Oct 2012. Decided the cost of doing a few bits and pieces to it was not really worth it... and went out and bought myself a 2008 Subaru Forester 2.5T.

Interesting to compare them both.

The Volvo D5 is still probably the nicer engine. The Scooby has more flat out power (Volvo was 163 BHP from 5 cylinder vs Scooby 230 BHP from 4 cylinder) and the Scooby is easily quicker out of the blocks. There wouldn't be much in the mid range, and the Volvo is a smoother driver at 80 or 90mph.

Biggest thing I prefer in the Scooby is the handling is much tidier on back roads (it's a smaller vehicle and has their famous rallying 4wd system).

Overall, I miss the torque of the Volvo D5 engine and the quality of cabin design and quiet refinement on the V70. I don't miss the slightly wooly handling on back roads.

So in summary the Volvo V70 is a smooth, well designed and refined cruiser... but not a sports car.

2002 Volvo V70 from North America


Probably should have stayed with the 240


Well, the big issue is the transmission, which has jerked me around (literally) for about 5,000 miles. It was then that the dealer told me I'd need a new tranny (!) after spending $500 to replace the transmission fluid. Otherwise it always seems to need something -- never have I taken it in for an inspection and emerged unharmed. Plus the parts are ridiculously expensive and insurance is too.

General Comments:

Rides nice and it's really safe.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2009