13th Jul 2011, 22:32

It's been about a year and a half. We are still driving this car everyday. It needs a new AC compressor, and the evaporator has an extremely small leak. I have the parts, and will replace when the weather cools down. For now, I have the compressor clutch shimmed, and have to service the refrigerant every couple of months as it loses about half a can.

I do think that I will be replacing the fuel pump this fall also. The pump is fine. However, the check valve in the pump works intermittently. On hot days, it sometimes won't start on the first try. I think it's a vapor lock situation, and I refuse to use an aftermarket check valve.

We still like this car a lot. It has almost 150,000 on it now. It's very comfortable, and we use it to transport rescue dogs from time to time.

16th Jul 2012, 21:58

Just another update on this car. In hot weather it has a problem, where after driving, it may be hard to start. I have replaced the antenna ring on the steering column, as I got a code for that. It did help the problem, but now it's back. Of course it's real hot out. The pressure at the fuel rail seems to be fine, so I'm stumped.

A couple of months ago it started running rough, and I eventually got a code for the number one coil pack. I replaced that, and it fixed the issue. It's still a very good driving car, and I hate to part with it, but if I can't get that intermittent hard start issue fixed, my wife's gonna start fretting to trade this sucker.

You do need a special tool to change the oil on this car, as it has a filter element rather than a spin on type oil filter. No biggie. I paid like ten bucks for the tool. I really want to keep this car, but it's a technically complex car and a shade quirky. But, it really rides nice and is very comfortable. On a long trip this car is the best.

17th Jul 2012, 18:55

Volvos are great cars and are built well... but like many makes out there, they don't have great resale value. You are better off keeping it and using it as a second or third car, or an emergency car. If you live in California, you can put a 18.00 dollar non-op on it, drop the insurance on it, and park it in the driveway until you need it again. Driving a car that might leave you stranded in this day and age is not a good idea. There are many individuals that prey on people that are broken down on our highways, roads and freeways...