11th Jan 2005, 20:29

I have had all of the same issues as mentioned. Lights, front end, brakes, sun roof, transmission, rattles, hole in fuel filler tube, and I just replaced the throttle body unit for 1060.00. I will not buy another Volvo. Car has 127,000kms.

29th Jun 2008, 20:25

The only car I can see replacing our 2001 V70 T-5 is a brand new one. Nothing significant has gone wrong in 110,000km, just had it serviced and had the throttle bodies cleaned which cured a slight surging on idle.

The leather is wearing well, still goes like stink and it fits the family including two dogs in superb fashion. I wouldn't 'upgrade' to the XC as this car is ideal for us. Safety, interior room, performance, style.

I'd prefer if the suspension was firmer (not entirely planted at high speed in sweeping corners), but it would sacrifice ride quality around town which is where is spends most of its time. Possibly uprated anti roll bars in the future for us.

For the money, I can't see any other vehicle providing the same level of satisfaction.

23rd Dec 2015, 18:21

All cars cost money to maintain!

Had 15 Volvos... always come back to them after trying ALL the 'luxury' alternatives...

BMW... far worse and the gearboxes are terribly notchy. Rust all the time...

Mercedes are overrated rust buckets with far more electrical niggles.

Alfa Romeo... very cheaply built and charge premium prices at forecourts!

Saab... terrible in every aspect.

Audi... loads of faults, especially the 4wd models! Don't rust, but the seats are really bad and they're definitely not cheaper to run than a V70!

VW... Feel cheap and nasty plastics... good engines though, but so are Volvo!

I find it funny about people complaining about regular service issues on the Volvo. No other car surpasses it for quality / running costs.

My V70 D5 is on 242,000 miles and drives like new!