31st Aug 2005, 02:28

I'm the original reviewer.

To reset the door/window computer, do the following:

Close all of the doors and hood.

Key in position II engine not running.

Hold both the driver window and passenger window switches in the driver door panel in the closed or up position for 5 to 8 seconds after the windows are closed.

Release buttons.

Remove the ignition key.

Operated the remote twice. Lock/unlock, lock/unlock.

This will reset the UEM brain.

This can correct faulty operation of the sunroof and/or erratic door lock function.

Using the key in the drivers door to lock/unlock, lock/unlock will also reset the UEM - Upper Electronic Module.

Hope this helps!

Follow up review:

Things have started to go wrong.. :-(

So far: driver's seat base collapsed, but Volvo paid half as goodwill gesture, engine is burning 1 litre of oil every 4000 miles with no oil leaks apparent, clutch release bearing has failed and front suspension arms need replacing.

I've also picked up several door dings (despite careful parking), indicating the shape of softness of the metal is prone to this kind of thing. Either that or I've been unlucky.

The paint also seems to scratch easily, as I found out when driving through narrow lanes in Devon..

30th Jan 2006, 07:12

This is the OR again. This will be my final note for this car, as I'm trading it in on Wednesday for a Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTI (150) SRI Nav...

Why? The V70 was up to 88,000 miles and showing signs of ETM failure (see http://www.vexedvolvo.org/). Basically, the car can stall or surge without warning, and there is no fix except a replacement of the same design that fails every 8,000-30,000 miles or less...

I couldn't put my family at risk, especially since I've recently been in touch with people who have been injured following accidents caused by ETM failure. I know the risk is real, something I cannot ignore - even if Volvo can.

Therefore, despite loving my Volvo car, I've fell out of love with the company Volvo Cars AB who seem to value the bottom line over consumer safety.

My overall impression of the car over 18,000 miles? Good, but somehow the gloss seems to be lacking. Little niggles like faultly door locks, dodgy ETMs, clutch release bearing etc that I haven't been suffering on so-called lower marques. Why should I have to put up with this sort of stuff from a Volvo?

It's funny, when I first came here to post I was genuinely surprised about the many negative comments about the V70. Now I'm in sympathy.

Come on Volvo, at least match the standards set by run-of-the-mill cars, even if you can't exceed them anymore!

19th Mar 2009, 15:07

I have a V40 2.0 TS (2001 on a 51 plate) and the remote FOB started playing up after I bought a new replacement shell for the FOB. The problem was possibly triggered when I attempted to test that I'd put the FOB back together properly. Not hard I know, but when I did the test I must have tried from too far away from the car, because it was from that moment on the symptoms started.

Symptoms: The Remote FOB still reliably unlocked the car, but more often than not it would fail to lock the car, no matter how close I was to it.

I thought I'd try to follow the UEM reset instructions (submitted further up in the thread) and it worked perfectly. My FOB (the two button kind with a false button where the 3rd one might have been) is now working perfectly.

Big thanks to this forum for fixing a frustrating problem.

It was quick and easy, and most likely saved me a small fortune and untold amounts of stress.

Last note:- Don't try to use your remote FOB from too far away from your car. If it's out of range you could start the same problem, which although easy to resolve, can be avoided just as easily.