2001 Volvo V70 2.4 140bhp from UK and Ireland


Comfortable and Very Practical


The only minor problem so far has been the one-touch facility on the driver's electric window failing.

This was a software fault, rectified by performing a reset of the software.

This procedure I was able to do myself for free with instructions from the Internet.

It has since been fine.

No other issues to report.

General Comments:

The V70 is the estate car to have. There may be estates with larger load bays (Vauxhall Vectra Estate for instance), better NCAP results (Renault Laguna Estate) or more upmarket image (Audi A4 Avant). However, none have the all round package the V70 offers.

Safety is excellent, reassuring with 6 airbags and whiplash protection. Performance is reasonable even with this base 140 spec 2.4, offering a characterful 5 cylinder thrum too.

As this engine is really just the 170 bhp engine de-tuned, after market tuners can happily re-tune the unit to 180bhp without straining the engine at all. Useful if, like me, you couldn't find a higher spec engine at the right price, condition and trim level.

The V70 also offers a big boot with a nice flat load floor. The usage of space is clever too. The seat base splits folds as well as the seat back, enabled a 60 or 40 flat area with rear passengers and the front passenger seat folds flat too.

For load safety, there's a pull out load net built into the seat backs. This splits too and can be used with the seats up or folded down.

The seats are truly impressive. Many seats offer the same range of adjustments that Volvo does, but none can match the incredible comfort. Back pain is a thing of the past in a Volvo.

The ride is also comfortable, without suffering too much body roll. This Volvo couldn't be described as sporty, but it is certainly a pleasure to drive, especially on long Motorway runs.

My car is what's laughably called a base spec model, including leather seats, CD player, dual-zone climate control, electric windows, mirrors and sunroof, etc. The SE models offer little extra that most people will find important.

As is traditional for Volvo's, this car has daytime running lights - i.e. headlights that you can't switch off! Hence, since owning this car, I've also noticed a curious phenomenon whereby on-coming motorists keep flicking their lights on as they see me approach - I see this noticeably more often than in my wife's Astra. This usually happens during evenings and poor weather conditions. I guess the Volvo's lights act as a reminder to other drivers that headlights might come in handy. What they think about me on bright, sunny days I have no idea!

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Review Date: 18th April, 2005

19th May 2005, 03:06

Where can I get the software reset instructions as I have a similar problem with my V70?

22nd May 2005, 21:58

If I am very lucky someone will respond to this comment (sending it along to the original author perhaps) and a follow up will indicate where the reset instructions the review refers to are on the Internet. Looked hard so far with no luck. Thanks so much, mks (at) zoo (dot) ufl (dot) edu.

2001 Volvo V70 T-5 2.3L turbo from North America


Generally disappointed in our first Volvo - expected better quality


Headlights burn out every 10K miles.

Many interior plastic components are broken, or rattle and squeak, not appropriate for a premium car.

The remote locking is undependable at best. The dealer has re-loaded the software twice, then obviously given up.

Front tie rods required replacing at 30K and 60K.

Water has been entering the passenger side via degraded door seals at 70k - dealer will have to replace these at a way too much cost.

Very poor in winter driving - hopefully special tires will help this year.

General Comments:

All mechanical/drive train systems have worked flawlessly.

The car has loads of power and practically no turbo lag.

Handling is good, but one must accommodate the serious torque steer under hard acceleration.

Hopefully we will never have an opportunity to benefit from the crash safety features, but it is nice to know the car has strengths in this area.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004