11th Sep 2007, 10:57

Thank you for the A/C info. I had never heard of that before and still find it odd when it comes on in zero degree weather in the winter.

AS I SAID: "HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE:" Our car was returned from the dealer with a new transmission with three new problems: a burning smell and check engine light, a gas filler lid that does not close, and a noise from a rear wheel when turning right. Despite dealer service every 3k miles, we were told what do you expect with a 100k mile car. The lid is $350 to fix the gas filler lid "motor." They won't look at the check engine light w/o running a diagnostic, which is more $$. Once again, none of these issues existed before we brought the car in to our regular Volvo dealer with respect to the transmission.

12th Sep 2007, 08:43

I must say that I don't understand American service intervals! My Volvo, here in the UK, only needs servicing every 10,000 miles! It is now on 135,000 miles and fault free - I love the features, ergonomics inside and especially the comfort!

22nd Sep 2007, 12:40

Just passed 210,000 miles on my 2002 xc70 and feel I must have got a good one compared to other comments. Transmission went at 175,000 which I replaced with a 100k certified rebuild; no other major problems yet. Very comfortable driving cabin as you might expect me to say considering the mileage I've put on this beauty; great in the snow!

3rd Jul 2008, 13:50

Need a new transmission at 67,500 miles!

We love this car, as it is great for our family. (all 3 kids fit in the back seat comfortably) We live in San Francisco, so we do a ton of hill/city driving. I was surprised, though, that we needed a new transmission at the 67000 tune up. there have been times when the transmission was a little jerky, and the service dept. simply updated some software. This time they are telling us that we need a whole new transmission at $4500. I love our car, but 67000 seems a quite a bit early for replacing a transmission.