28th Dec 2004, 06:18

I agree with the comment 4 November 2004. Refer to my comment in response to the review titled "Lemon".

11th Feb 2005, 13:19

I have a 2001 XC70 and have had multiple problems. As mentioned in other reviews, I've had to replace numerous bulbs - 3 headlights, 2 brake lights and 3 interior lights. My car has had the transmission replaced, the turbo charger replaced and rusting roof panels. The car has 49,000 miles so all costs have been covered by Volvo - but I will not keep this car. Of the four years I've had this car, it's been in the shop a total of 6 1/2 months.

13th Apr 2005, 19:40

I have had many of the same problems with my '99 V70XC.

I had a leaking heater core (at 40K miles), which caused the fogging of the inside windows whenever the heat was turned on. Fortunately, I could repair it myself at a considerable savings.

I had to replace the driver's door latch mechanism because the switch - which registers that the door is closed, turning off the interior lights and silencing the door-open chime - stopped working.

I have had 3 different oil leaks from the engine.

I had to replace the micro-switch that registers that the brake pedal has been pushed, allowing the driver to move the gear shift lever out of Park.

I had to replace the steering rack at 70K miles because it was leaking power steering fluid.

The rear hatch won't stay latched when it is very cold.

I had to replace the switch cluster that raises and lowers the windows at the driver's location.

All of this is on a model that preceded the purchase of Volvo by Ford. In other words, the Swedish did this on their own.

I have a '98 Subaru Forester, the FIRST year of that model, with 105K miles which I am very happy with. It doesn't have the luxury feel of the Volvo, but for me, luxury is a car that doesn't continuously surprise you with new failures.

13th Jul 2005, 16:54

Our "Certified" '01 XC70 with 41k miles has had a long list of problems. The dealer is reluctant to repair anything except the several oil leaks or safety related parts such as worn suspension pieces and jammed seat belts. They won't replace the warped rear rotors under warranty. This car has numerous annoying little vibrations under the dash and seats. The glove box is sagging. The wiper arms (not the blades) pivot loudly. The plastic clip on the left side of the windshield vibrates on the glass. The dealer won't acknowledge any of this. The moon roof panel rattles in it tracks when closed. Again the dealer said not their problem, but that for $55 they would adjust it, then didn't bother. The complaint was removed from the work order when I picked up the car. Seriously bad build quality, and poor customer service from Volvo will make this my last Volvo.

25th Oct 2005, 16:33

Thanks everyone for all the comments. After debating between the Volvo XC and the Audi Allroad, I believe I'll look more closely at the Audi Allroad.

11th Dec 2005, 14:13

2005 Volvo XC70 Cross Country - Beauty and the Beast.

It's hard not to admire this vehicle. It stands out in a crowd and even when parked it looks defiant. I purchased my 2005 XC70 this past summer kind of knowing that it wouldn't be the most reliable choice out there.

The vehicle has many great characteristics. I love the rugged yet sophisticated styling. The AWD system with Instant Traction makes it a joy to drive up here in Canada. The interior is incredibly comfortable and you feel safe when on board. The back seat is a little crammed. I like the turbo engine, although a few more horses would be nice.

The press seems to like this car as well and it has stood up to some hard tests in places as different as Arizona and Alaska.

Having had previous experiences with Volvo, i. e a 1989 240DL and a 1995 850GLE, I knew reliability would be nothing like the Japanese cars. Within a week of owning the XC70 I noticed that the radiator belt was making a lot of noise. After complaining to the dealer they eventually changed the belt. The rear seat belt was stuck in a locked position, they fixed that. The driver side wiper needed replacing. All this and I haven't yet put 2000 Kilometers on the vehicle!

One last point, dealership service has been terrible from the get go. Volvo needs to address this problem in a hurry.

Still, I take pride in parking my Cross Country on the driveway.

25th Jan 2006, 08:31

Glad I stopped by here - I was about to spring for a 2001 XC70 but I need reliability, not just safety and looks.

8th Feb 2006, 16:38

I have a 2004 XC70 and love it. 22,500 miles and only one problem (see below). Drove it cross country and back last summer, towing a small sailboat; 122 degrees Fahrenheit through the desert, with A/C going; no problems and 23.4 mpg. Comfortable seats, good stereo. Only problem so far: one burnt out tail light. Replaced myself. Dealer gave me a new bulb for free.

25th Feb 2006, 22:09

I bought a 2001 XC70 AWD turbo this past August with 31,300 miles. I have put 11,000 miles on it, most coming with three 1600 mile trips from NY to SC to see my daughter. I have replaced 1 brake bulb. This is my third Volvo. I still have my 1991 240 that I bought new. That car has 230,000 miles on it and I will drive it forever. I traded in my 1998 V70 with 165,000 miles (I bought new) not due to mechanical problems, but due to the air conditoner not being able to hold a charge. Mechanically, all three have been stellar.

The electronics have improved over all three models. For an additional $1000, I purchased a 50,000 mile extended warranty. The XC70 has been great in hot and cold weather. I have dealt with the same dealer for all 3 cars and I could not be happier with the service.

All cars coming down the assembly line will not perform the same. But I have to believe it has been more than luck to be highly satisfied with a product for 15 yrs running.

7th Mar 2006, 17:50

I have owned a 2001 Volvo V70 XC for about a year and a half (about 18000 miles). Since then I have had only oil changes and a strut tower bushing replaced (less than $500 total spent at the dealer in 19 months!). I could not be happier with the car. It is unfortunate that often only the bad stories are told on the Internet. The only reason I am here is because a friend of mine is considering an XC and said there was a lot of criticism of the car. Another friend of mine has a 2001 with over 100K on it and he agrees that it has been his best Volvo yet. For the safety, comfort and reliability I think it is the best family hauler at any price.

8th Mar 2006, 18:11

Okay. I have a 2004 Ford F150 and it's a lemon. Love the truck. Hate the problems. Point is - any first-year production car has issues. Those that have the issues complain. Those that don't are driving their cars - not sitting at the computer making noise. My wife drives a 2001 Volvo XC70. It too is a first-year production model. This car has been awesome for us and the children. It has it's light bulb quirks and electrical issues like every Swedish car - but it's safe, drives like a tank, looks great, and goes practically anywhere. If you want a car that doesn't have problems - like a Honda or Toyota. Fine. Just remember, when you get into that accident, you won't be able to complain about poorly the car performed. A little inconvenience is a small price to pay for a great car/brand.