7th Aug 2011, 22:47

I have a 2001 XC70 with 145,678 miles, and have never been happier with a car. Yes, I have had to replace a motor mount and a light bulb on occasion (big deal), and had the alarm system worked on. I would definitely buy another one. It drives great, feels like a bigger car, and has a very good safety factor. It is the first car that I am able to drive from Washington State to San Francisco without having to stop every hundred miles for a backache.

19th Aug 2011, 05:54

We bought our 2001 XC70 in good faith. Just wished we did more research, it's the biggest lemon and money pit. We are such close friends with our mechanic now, he is asking us to get rid of it, as he finds it unethical to take our money anymore.

Problem is no one wants to buy it.

Save yourselves and your money; don't buy it.

19th Nov 2011, 13:36

I agree, I have owned 2 Volvos. Both 2001 XC70, the first I got used at 110k... I LOVED it! So much so that I traded it in to get a newer version of the same car! Now I live on the top of a mountain, it's 40 miles home on some pavement and dirt and gravel, this car will get me and my kids home no matter what! We had every seat full once coming home (including the jump seat in the trunk). We pulled up the 3 miles of dirt rías until we hit snow. Packed car with almost 2 ft of fresh snow and the Volvo didn't skip a beat!!! The power this car has along with the luxuries, it's clear it needs more maintenance. And if you're investing your money in a Volvo, please don't blame the car when you don't know how it works under the hood. My CAR goes places a 4x4 TRUCK has trouble. And if you look at the dealership's catalog for the 2001 Volvo XC70, you'll notice there's not one picture of the XC on pavement....

21st Nov 2011, 17:27

We rather stupidly departed from a long line of Lincolns in 2006 to try a Volvo S60. We were hardly impressed. After driving the silky smooth and luxurious Lincolns since 1984, the Volvo felt like an aging Chevy Cavalier. We now are firmly back in the Lincoln camp with a beautiful Lincoln MKZ.

"Luxury" and "Volvo" do not belong in the same sentence. We will never purchase another one. They don't look, feel or drive in any way that could conceivably relate to luxury.

23rd Nov 2011, 09:43

My current V70 is a 2003 model and is sitting on 223500 miles outside... starts and drives brilliantly, and being a diesel, still gives an impressive 45mpg...

EVERYTHING works and hasn't needed work at all... I don't know what the above commenter thinks unless he works for Lincoln.

While in America recently, we hired a Lincoln and were very disappointed with the quality. Obviously I can't comment on reliability, but it was finished in very cheap materials, and was nowhere near as comfortable as our Volvo's (our other car is an S60)... It wasn't a bad car, but wasn't a good one either. The ride was fine on American roads, but would be awful in the UK, where they need to be able to handle.

Interesting objectives, but Volvo is definitely the way forward as far as 'all round' packages go, and the safety gives massive peace of mind.

3rd Mar 2012, 22:19

You spent $3,100 on lightbulbs?

26th Jun 2012, 16:09

I must say, I find the majority of the listed comments here very disappointing. I am currently high bidder on a 2001 XC70 on eBay. Fortunately, my bid did not meet the reserve, so I’m under no obligation to purchase the car. I think that I’ll pass on the purchase. I have 2x 240 wagons, a 91 and a 93, they just don’t quit, and have been by far one (or two) of the best cars I’ve ever owned. I kinda figured that I’d get something newer and flashier. Guess I’ll keep and be happy with what I have. Thanks everyone for saving me what appears to be a major headache. It’s a shame though, the XC’s are SO sharp looking.