22nd Apr 2010, 09:03

I bought a 2001 XC V70 in 2005 with under 35,000 miles on it. Have, of course, replaced bulbs a million times. Just replaced the tie rods. Have done front and back brakes just once. My power windows in both front driver and passenger side have failed---so the motors in each door had to be replaced. The power for the moon roof doesn't always work.

The car has almost 150,000 miles on it right now, and the transmission is in bad shape.

This has been the extent of my difficulties. I'm concerned about the transmission --- (I don't have an extra 4 grand at the moment), but I believe my car has held up pretty well, all in all. It is, after all, almost ten years old right now. I love this car!

6th Aug 2010, 13:58

I bought a 2001 XC70 in 2008 with about 75K miles on it. Yes, repairs have been expensive; however the car has yet to break down on me in the middle of driving. It is a tank, and the best car to drive in certain conditions.

I've probably spent $3,000 on repairs, but some of these were my own fault, as I was an inexperienced driver when I first got it. I do take the car in for regular maintenance twice a year, and I now check tire pressure every couple months. The car has never refused to start for me and it's never broken down in the middle of driving (knock on wood). The only problem I've had while driving is the left turn signal bulb going a bit wonky.

The Volvo drives better than most cars in certain conditions, namely, snow blowing across the Interstate. I drove the car in winter across Iowa and passed dozens of cars spun out all over. I saw a pickup truck spin out in the lane ahead of me. The Volvo was a tank and stayed on the road. It's big, heavy, wide, and squat, with AWD, so it is less likely to spin out.

The car is not fun to drive in city traffic as it doesn't have a good turning radius or maneuverability, however on the interstate it's fine (if you're not trying to do a lot of zippy lane changes). The seats are comfortable and the sound system is excellent. Turbocharger is nice, although not reliable -- I can often leap out of a stoplight, but it sometimes doesn't kick in when getting on the highway. And the car is pretty good for hauling.

If I had the money, I would trade it in for a Subaru Impreza wagon, because the smaller size would be more fun to drive, and I get the idea that Subie maintenance is probably cheaper. However I am glad to have a reliable car with AWD that can get me through rough weather.

9th Aug 2010, 07:13

Does anyone like or recommend their 2001 Volvo XC70?

12th Aug 2010, 21:58

I just bought a used 2004 with 57000 miles for 14,000. On the way home from the deal, I got two check engine messages; reduced engine performance and engine system service required. Went to a local dealer today. Needs new electronic throttle pedal and leak test pump - $800. Welcome to the wacky world of XC70 ownership.

Oh yes, and the windshield wipers sound like a Harley Davidson engine with loud mufflers; that's the wiper motor mind you, sounds unreal.

10th Dec 2010, 09:37

I purchased my 2001 XC70 used in Fall or 2008. I had a 1998 V70 prior.

Let's be realistic, this is an 8 year old luxury wagon with 125,000 miles, for $6000. Yes, luxury repairs may be pricey, especially if you frequent the dealer vs. a local or foreign auto garage. Beyond that, many Volvo parts are available online or from IPD without service department markup. If we wish to own used luxury cars, let's embrace the repair costs, and the fact that MOST used luxury cars WILL have issues.

I've replaced 2 headlight bulbs, one strut, one rear wheel bearing, all 4 tires, have a loose steering rack, and the check engine light is always on due to some bogus evap or gas cap computer recognition. There is no rust, the interior and ride are comfy and all the electronics work.

Comparatively, it is cheap ownership of a luxury wagon that kicks it in the winter. This week my battery is dying - it's 7 F degrees. I'll go buy one for $100 and install myself with 2 wrenches and a little time. If it ends up being the alternator, I'll avoid the dealer and have the local garage install one much more affordably.

In the end, this is a just a car - a tool - I like it, neither love it or hate it. Greater longevity and affordable reliability can be found in other brands... Volvo's have safety and image. I admit it. I'll pay for it.

AWD's are harder on tires, suspension, and transmissions. So, replace fluids regularly, flush your tranny every 3 years. PAY FOR AN ALIGNMENT every 12-18 months and rotate your tires. And, don't pay a lot for a used Volvo. (PS) Beware check engine lights can be temporarily reset by dealers prior to a sale - YOU can buy the tool at most car parts stores. Prior to purchase, have yours scanned - the car computer stores history of sensor codes and errors, all listed online - you'll get an idea of what the car's been through, and has currently. Or pay someone to do this.


11th Apr 2011, 09:31

I own a 2001 Volvo XC that was bought in 2004. It was my sisters car and they loved it. It was a company car, and based on her loving the car and the safety features, I decided to buy it out.

The only real problem I have had with the car is bulbs. Always the same ones, but relatively easy to put in yourself at minimal cost.

For the first several years, I serviced at the dealer... that is the biggest mistake you can make. Dealers are notoriously expensive, but VOLVO always seems to be a little worse. Their rude, don't care attitude stinks.

I have had minor issues with the car, now at 92k miles. First major issue was when a oil gasket blew, but I have a mechanic that works on Volvos and does a nice job for a reasonable price. That is the only other issue; parts for foreign cars can get pricey, and with labor can hit you pretty hard, but really, all in all, the car has lasted 11 years now, and I see it going at least another 5. HOPEFULLY!

18th Jul 2011, 00:07

I have a 2001 XC-70 2.5l and simply love it.

I tore both front boots once, so it was my fault.

The right transaxle had to be replaced due to defective manufacture because it is designed to handle a full power (turbo boost) start from dead stop with the wheels turned, even if Pirelli Scorpion ST-R tires chirp. Yes, that's hard on it.

No other failures no covered by Volvo. (one UEM --- aka mirror reprogram covered by them as well.

I'm at 116K miles on the XC, and my 83 240GL has 289K miles and even less unusual maintenance required.

Both go in to the dealer for all work, and are back the same day.

Boot tears are common in icy weather (here in PA) and a boot kit from time to time, usually heat related failure is normal. The 83 is the same way. Changing the valve shim brass inserts is routine; every 40K miles is standard on the 4 cyl B23F engine.

I would not hesitate taking either car cross country and back on a moment's notice.

I've seen the 'Ford biased' ones and new, non Ford biased, product. Volvo is back. The Ford years hurt us.

As for turbos.. whether HPT or LPT, one thing that should be documented but isn't, is adjusting for Texas, Arizona heat with the oil and a few minutes of idle time to cool the turbo housing. My oil of choice... Royal Purple 10-40 for normal Pa driving and 20-60 for the constant 110+ of Texas. Just look at the ambient breakdown temps for any oil, the selection should be obvious. The bulk oil many dealerships use doesn't cut it. Use the good stuff and it saves a turbo rebuild if you have an older LPT. The bearings don't fail, just the seals if you don't cool it off for a couple minutes after you stop... even 60 seconds does a great deal... low EGT (exhaust gas temp) and the oil won't 'boil'.

My daughter has my 93 850 GTAS and it's also just fine. Only two campaigns when it was new... One was the A/C mold, and the other was tight turning shims (neoprene inserts) to eliminate a harmless but annoying noise in 180 degree full lock turns.

Fluids are changed per the book and I have ZERO problems. I drive it hard, plain and simple.

I have only one thing to figure out... where's the easy access hand-twist locks to the CE fuse panel? I know it's behind / underneath the glove box, but I have 2 torx there. If that's the only difference, then all is fine. Blowing the fuse in the first place is 100% my fault. Bad DC accessory insert, which was shorted and it popped the fuse. Bulbs are SilverStar Ultras and give me 16-18 months of service as I expect... changing them is simple and I do it in about 5 minutes.. Changing both together even though one is blown to have a balanced pair.

For me and many of the folks here who drive Volvos (many brand new ones on the road this year with Ford gone) and no complaints from any of them here in town. We share tips we learn and all things like best leather maintenance (I use aloe wipes and not a single crack, crease or wear mark (black leather).

For me, they are & have been for life. I get tired of them before wearing it out.

I know of one gent who traded in a vehicle at 400K+ miles and it was still in spec. He was simply 'tired of it and wanted a change'.

Oh... one last thing... this may help the throttle body module issues many have... use 93 good gas (shell is best tier). It makes a difference. On the trip from Texas to Pa (21 driving hours). I get 27-28 mph with the A/C on and pushing close to MGW at 70-75 mph each way.

So, in summary, don't slam anything closed.. simply close it. Press & click/lock the hood down (don't drop it) and you'd be surprised the impact that has; keep it on GOOD gas and benefit, GOOD oil and benefit. Volvo parts only except the headlamp bulbs... Those H-7 SilverStone Ultras are worth it. Let it cool off a minute when parking, and also give it a minute or two to get fluids turning when it's been sitting / cold or to cool in summer (cabin cooling). It all matters.

Enjoy it and you will be happy. I have and I've been a pleased, loyal owner since my first in 1983. FYI... my 2001 was a trade which had ALL service records. Top notch @ $16K in 2004 with 60K miles (not even broken in yet and still had the 'stretch bolts', which get swapped out for free at 65K).

I'm keeping the XC and will be investing in something a little more upscale for work this fall. Part of the job 'implied' requirements/suggestions. I'll end up with the #1 AND #2 safest vehicles on the road, and will last a LONG time.

Ask if you can't find something or think you've been wronged or simply not sure what to do... I don't mind helping a fellow owner anywhere, anytime.