18th Sep 2008, 09:52

Definitely a love hate relationship with my 2001 Volvo XC70. I've driven for approx 95,000 miles. I absolutely love it, it handles just the way I like it, it's very comfortable to sit in and it has more than sufficient luggage space. I bought it new in 2000 and until the 60,000 mile service it worked great with the minor issue of eating through bulbs, but nothing major.

After that servicing it's cost me close to $10,000 to keep it running over the past few years. This is the hate in the relationship part ;-b.

First the boot on the driver's side had an issue (about 2 weeks following the servicing I could hear a grinding sound when I turned to the right only), so the boot (or something in it) had to be replaced - cost approx $1500+.

The ABS module had to be replaced, the on-board computer had to be replaced, a routine tire change ended up costing me close to $2000+ because something else was wrong in the car. I don't have my bills in front of me, but it was one thing after another.

Recently the car had been starting with a jerk, it turns out that some valve module in the transmission has to be replaced - cost $2200. Also I have issues with the tie-rods that need to be fixed.

A couple of days ago my alternator broke (which caused my 1 month old new battery to die), I just got it replaced - cost $800.

And one of the most annoying things that's been happening is that the driver's side seat's fuse keeps on blowing on me, so the seat gets stuck in a particular position (I like to move the seat around once a month to try a different position). The dealership has not found any shorts to determine the cause of the fuse blowing, so they recommend changing the entire seat adjustment module.

As much as I love it, I would sadly not recommend it to friends...

20th Dec 2008, 08:33

I bought a 2001 XC70 in August 2008, and LOVED the car. Unfortunately, the transmission had to be replaced within 1 week. I had the car checked out by Volvo before purchase and they didn't tell me about the tranny issues this car had. Hmmm. I am faint of heart when it comes to car repairs.

By the way, Ford purchased Volvo in 2002. All the Fords I have owned have been practically maintenance free, requiring only regular repairs. I traded in the car after only 2 months and bought a brand new car; a cheap but reliable American car. At least it's inexpensive to repair. I miss the Volvo, though...

1st Apr 2009, 12:59

It seems that VOLVO keeps its promise as being the "For Life" car : You simply canĀ“t resell the car. So you keep it forever.

Teeth grinding and with very very unexpected repair needs and corresponding over-proportional expenses.

As an all-time VOLVO lover (because of the tremendous comfort, safety features, experienced longevity, etc.), I could not believe how much hassle I had and have to go through with my XC70 2001.

I could live somehow with light bulb problems, but having to replace the transmission, gearbox and other core-elements and at my expense - not even with a huge mileage - simply is very frustrating.

90% of the VOLVO owners complained about the same issues, when I shared my frustration. And whats worse, VOLVO does not signal any disposition to cover the costs.

It is quite notable, that since Ford is part of the equation, the quality has just dropped. And its damaging the brand! And the confidence of VOLVO lovers.

Too bad!!

Burghard Petersen, Mexico City.

26th Apr 2009, 21:17

I also have a 2001 XC 70, on which I had to replace many light bulbs and the transmission at 80,000.

Very frustrated as I complained to my Volvo dealer about the slipping of the transmission, and of course they couldn't verify the complaint, the warranty had expired by the time the transmission gave out and I had to foot the $3,400 bill.

I agree with the love/hate comment, I can't bring myself to part with the vehicle when it's running well. I love driving it, especially in the winter. I just wish I had bought another warranty when the last one expired. Currently looking to buy one as we would like to keep the vehicle, but the repairs are killing me.

14th May 2009, 19:56

Hi, was looking here to see if others had had tranny problems with 2001 Volvo V70 XC. Darn.

I bought mine brand new, and although I love the car in many ways (echo the positive comments of many others) it has been a virtual money pit. I only have 77,000 miles on it and have had every single recommended service done on it, so I'm not neglecting it.

The bulbs are a definite nuisance, but if it was only bulbs I wouldn't complain.

The thing eats (very expensive) tires (even though I rotate religiously every 5k miles) and I recently had the front struts replaced to the tune of well over $1200.

The automatic climate control board has gone out twice.

The transmission has been an issue for quite some time. A software update made it better, but has not completely fixed it. It has delays in both reverse and drive, and often slips with both acceleration and now deceleration as well.

I have to say that I will not likely buy another Volvo. I expected to only have to do relatively minor repairs at least up to 100k miles. I am guessing a new tranny on an AWD vehicle will run me upwards of $3k or $4k... :-(

3rd Jul 2009, 17:10

Also bought a used (non-certified) 2001 V70-XC in Feb 2007, with 76,000 miles on it. The vehicle looks great and is very comfortable to drive. But beyond the common bulb replacements mentioned by many, this car has also been a serious money pit in the 2+ years we've had it. First, the on-board computer module needed replacing about 2 months into ownership. Then both front boots went out and were replaced. Then the right tail light assembly shorted and required rewiring of that side. Then the car failed emissions check, and we ended up replacing the catalytic converter for $2700. Finally (so far), the transmission went on the fritz (starting in 2nd, skipping 3rd) and we forked out $3000 to rebuild the tranny. We bought it for $13,500, but have already put half again that amount into repairs. Despite the comfortable ride, I would certainly discourage a friend from buying one of these Volvos.

8th Jul 2009, 07:29

I live in the UK where Volvos have a high reputation. So far I have had 2004 V70 D5 auto. 77000 miles in two years, no problems. Car still on original brake discs and pads! 40 mpg all the time.

I have XC70 D5 auto with 106,000 miles, again NO major problems.

Don't know what you guys in the States do with your Volvos!?

Check out UK Volvo owners Uk website. It backs up my experience with this great car.

John Worth



27th Jul 2009, 12:43

Bought a 2001 XC70 with 16,000 in 2004 and have maintained it at a Volvo dealer as specified by the manufacturer. We have had various issues with the transmission for the past 4 years; slight slippage improved, but not corrected by a periodic software update. We have had to replace many light bulbs, a wheel bearing, and the car recently went into limp mode and is back in the shop. The car now has 66,000 miles on it. Since I bought the car for both safety and longevity, I am very dissatisfied with the unreliability. I haul around 4 kids, and am concerned that it won't make it to it's destination. We will keep the car, but know we need to budget an amount monthly for repairs... but I will never buy another Volvo, nor would I recommend one to my friends. This one was my first and my last.