16th Feb 2007, 14:41

I agree with the negative recommendation on the 1998 XC70. My wife and I have had one for several years now, bought it with 67K and now have over 91k miles. Have had frequent repair issues: ABS/traction control module is failing now for second time since we purchased car; right rear window does not go back up using the driver's door switch, and sometimes does not go back up using its own, we had to replace the rear rotors when we bought the car because they were warped, hatch gas struts are failing, we had to replace right front wheel bearing a couple of months ago, while a/c compressor has not yet failed, the mechanic says it will any day.

13th Apr 2007, 17:30

Just one more multi-Volvo owner who has finally found a bad one -- the XC70 from 1998. I LOVE this car's comfort, handling, appearance, etc., but it is definitely the repair MONEY PIT that others have noted it to be. The old 240s and 740s were wonderful, including low-cost maintenance/repairs. Too bad about the XCs. I just can't afford Volvo any longer!

13th May 2007, 08:02

Hi guys, would these problems that you guys mentioned happens in American delivery/stock of 98 xc70?

I live in Australia and have my eye on a 98 XC70. It has done 140,000 km (don't know what that is in miles), and looks good.

Any suggestion? Anyone from Australia who can share your experience?


14th May 2007, 05:44

Why not just buy the V70? For some reason, the problems on the XC90 aren't shared with the standard estate. Surely not everyone (especially previous Volvo owners) need the 4x4. How come most are also in America. There doesn't seem to be the problems onthe identical cars in the UK!

3rd Jul 2007, 12:56

I have had to put nearly $5000.00 Cnd. into my 98 V70AWD in the last 30 days. This does not include the $689.00 tow bill this past weekend (not to mention the stress this is putting on my family).

In June we replaced the crankshaft and bearings etc, as well as the upper control arms, CV Boots, pair of tires, and other items directly related to the handling. Total bill just over $3,200.00 Cnd.

Less than 700 km later the transfer case gave up on the car. This will be another $2000.00 approx.

Other issues, three of the five doors will not lock or unlock, the front passenger door can only be opened from the outside, leaking sunroof, and many other issues too numerous to describe. This was my third and my LAST Volvo.

This car has only 156,000km on it. I will buy Japanese or North American next time???

Does anybody have any comment on the replacement of the crankshaft??? Does it have any effect or possibility of an effect on the now failed transfer case???

24th Jan 2008, 14:56

Wow, it sounds like you have all been driving my car.

I've been driving a 98 XC70 for almost 7 years now. I bought it in January 2001 with 98000 kilometers, or 60000 miles. It drives beautifully, it looks great, it's really comfortable, and it handles extremely well, but (you all knew this was coming...)

It is the most expensive car I have ever had to repair and maintain (more than the BMW I had previously). I always service my cars at the dealership, even though they are more expensive than repair shops, they can usually diagnose and fix problems much quicker. That being said, I can't show up at Volvo without it costing me a fortune. For example, I've replaced an ABS control module ($800.00), 1 upper and 2 lower engine mounts, many brake jobs (2 brake jobs two years apart for $1000 each - including 4 new rotors each time), just to name a few.

The car has 205000 kilometers on it now and I'm currently experiencing: transmission problems, leaking power steering fluid, burning oil, numerous electrical problems, and I have no heat as of yesterday (I live in Canada!). I also need to replace a bearing on my drive shaft at $1500 to $2000, why so expensive you ask, because the bearing is built in to the drive shaft, that's right, I have to replace the whole drive shaft just because of a worn bearing.

I'd love to be able to say that at 204000 kilometers it owes me nothing... but in 7 years, I've had too many issues with it. I was told that Volvos are good for at least 350000 kilometers - that maybe true, but at what cost.

Strangely (or sadly), I still love my Volvo!

30th Jan 2008, 15:08

Many of you have described my 98 XC70 very very well. Including the new car look it still has (I do like the style and comfort). What an emotional and financial roller coaster ride it has been. I bought it in 2001. The only experience I can add; a vibration from the rear part of the drive train; the viscous coupling has been changed three times and they do not know what is wrong causing it to keep failing. I would not give the car to anyone let alone sell it to anyone. I would not be able to sleep at night if I were responsible for such pain inflicted on some unsuspecting buyer who fell for the looks of it. I am currently determined to get all of my money, excessive thousands, in repairs back by driving it completely into the ground and dragging it out for as long as possible. Survival with backyard repairs and good old ingenuity has worked well. Although I have been putting it off, I intend to remove the rear drive shaft next. That should get me another year or two with my front wheel drive XC70.

Oh yea-- I will never buy another Volvo again either.


6th May 2008, 11:42

I also have a '98 XC and have experienced some of the same issues. However, I do not count things like oil changes, rotors, and brake jobs. I will also say that taking it to the dealership is the biggest scam going. The will drag out most of the major problems until after your warranty expires.

16th May 2008, 13:25

I have worked on numerous cars over the years and by far my 98 XC70 is the most HIGH-MAINTENANCE of them all. Here is a list of items that have been replaced since buying the car used at 45,000 miles (currently has 131,000 miles) : front control arms, front struts and bearings, tie-rods, sway-bar links, brakes, rotors, rear-calipers, hatch struts, timing belt, tension, water pump, ABS module, MAF, AC recharge every summer season, front driver's 1/2 shaft, motor mounts (lower and upper)...etc. Fortunately, I am able to install my own parts and have found Grouton's parts supplies to sell most of the parts to me at 1/2 of the Volvo dealer price; otherwise I would not be driving the car today.

26th Nov 2008, 11:07

(last post continued)

Well, after trying to be optimistic... the shop called back.

I brought the car in because the rear right wheel was seizing. After my mechanic pulled the wheel and checked the brakes to find nothing (?) - probably some foreign road debris stuck in the wheel.

That's the good news. The bad news- he heard a noise from the timing belt, pulled back the cover and found it was the original belt (130k) - still had the blue factory paint sealing the bolts. The belt was shiny (wear) and cracked in places, meaning it will go soon. If it goes, it potentially damages the engine. That's another $1100. Since accessing this means access to the idler wheel (that hold the timing belt in place) and the thermostat ($18). Also the flame trap which is responsible for recirculating the combusted oil / vapor is clogged and worn which can lead to other problems. The Flame Trap is one of those very hard to access parts. So total, we're looking at $1600 with a (cross you fingers) yearly PA state inspection for safety and emissions which is due at the end of this month (NOV). So, yeah- I'm in agreement with nearly all the above comments. Buyer Beware or at least be informed.

There must be something wrong with me, because I still love this car, but no doubt it's an expensive child to feed and maintain.