2016 Volvo XC90 4 cylinder from North America


A very nice SUV that has good room but is small to drive and park in town


Temperature sensor in the passenger outside mirror, programming software issues, A/C drain hose recall, rear brakes replaced at only 28k miles.

General Comments:

Love this SUV. We paid $1800 extra for the 4 wheel air suspension and would do so again. We bought the AWD version and it performs well in Winter weather with proper tires. We like the pickup of the 4 cylinder engine, but wish it were quieter under hard acceleration. We bought the "inscription" edition and it is well worth the added $5k costs.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2019

24th Nov 2019, 19:40

Be aware of common piston damage on the T6 engines causing high oil consumption - many have been already replaced under warranty.


26th Nov 2019, 01:08

By the way, same problem on the T5 engines, but not on the T8 engines. The problem happened because of weak piston rings - these were replaced by Volvo from 2017 on - ask the main dealer from which engine serial up were the improved piston rings used. If you buy this car with the weak piston rings, this will damage the cylinder wall and there is a good chance the engine will need replaced - Volvo will not cover this out of the warranty - the job is around $12,000USD.