27th Oct 2014, 19:35

The design of the XC is a classic - the new one is out, but the one you have has more character, detail, and charm. The new one is a bit too austere. Please do keep us informed of your experience, or anything that goes amiss.

9th Mar 2016, 14:12

Original poster here...

It has been 18 months since I last posted. We have had nothing go wrong over that time, and now have about 35,000 miles on the car. We also have twins in addition to a 4 year old. The 4 year old sits in the very back and the twins are in the middle seat. The ability to reconfigure the seats was well thought out and much appreciated. You can tell this car was designed with kids in mind. The amount of room when the seats are all the way is down is amazing. There is plenty of room for everyone, which makes us question our original plan of replacing this car in a few years with a Tahoe/Expedition. We will probably drive this car until the wheels fall off, and I think with proper maintenance we can do that.

The car is still rattle free. The upgraded leather is holding up well.

We did replace the Continental tires with Bridgestone Alenza Dueler 422s. We have about 6 months on those tires and they make the ride a lot better. They wear much better than the Continentals that came with the car from the factory. The traction on the snow, ice and heavy rain is quite good on these tires. I think I paid $1,000 US for those tires installed. I would buy them again.

28th Jun 2016, 14:16

Just an update from the original poster:

We blew another climate control blower motor last week - the second in 4 years. They also replaced the relay. If it were not under warranty, the repair would have been over $1,300 US. Hopefully this is not a recurring theme on this car.

14th Jan 2018, 18:18

Hello. Concerning the cabin fan blower, unfortunately I don't have good news for you: this is a widespread (read most will go bad) problem on all P3 Volvo models; basically all new models build after 2007, plus the latest XC90. On all S60 (2011+), S80 (2007+), XC70 (2008+), XC60 (2010+), V60 (2014+) and XC90 (2015+), the cabin blower recurrently goes bad at low miles - think about at each 40-60000 miles. In these cars Volvo has placed the cabin blower deep inside the center of the dash, making it hard to access, requiring about a 3h job (the dealer will charge more), plus you absolutely need a special tool (sold by Volvo for $160 or $100 on Amazon) to undo the blower from its location. Out of the warranty as you mention it's a $1200 job because parts of the left and right dashboard must be removed.

Here is a video showing this job on a XC70 (same as on all other models)