31st Jul 2004, 07:41

It would be very helpful to know what color your dash is? Usually, the light colored dashboards (taupe, sand, call it whatever you like) reflect much more than the black ones, so it would be good to know which you have?

16th Aug 2004, 07:41

My Volvo XC90 has a G S M phone hands free build it, and even a extra phone that pops out for use by other passengers.

29th Nov 2004, 11:27

The originally-described XC90 on this submission has a taupe interior, which, despite the windshield glare, is preferable to me than the oppressive all-black motif. The U.S. versions do not have the cell phone as in Europe.

Two more things that I have learned to grip about: (1) No mode selector on the wheel to choose CD, AM, FM, etc.--tho there is this great big button on the right just begging to be used. (2) The door lock button is not a toggle, but an on/off single switch. I almost always need to hit it once (locking the driver's door) and then hit it again to unlock all doors. Great fun for would-be passengers who hear the click and try to open their door.

Nonetheless, this is a great car. These things are just quirks, and compared to Japanese brands Volvo is a clear winner. Compared to BMW, the space is key. Compared to MB...oh, wait: Never mind. The MB SUV is so old in its design, why bother?

Wish I coulda had a V8. Maybe next time.

30th Nov 2007, 17:00

Have a 2004 XC90 5 cylinder AWD with 42k on it.

Been a great vehicle. The turbo lag was 90% eliminated by reprogramming the tranny (dealer wiped out memory and drove the car very aggresivly for a few hours) and it really fix the issue. Never had any lag beyond 1st gear. No other issues. Do not understand Consumers Reports rating of this fine vehicle. Put Bridgestone Allenz's on it and the ride and handling improved incredibly. Will keep this baby for quite awhile - I hope!!!

1st Dec 2007, 08:39

And now there is a V8...!