8th Oct 2011, 19:00

I bought a used 2004 XC90 T6 - 3 days before Thanksgiving last year. I signed an AS IS contract as I gave them $15 grand cash. I had a mechanic look at the vehicle and tell me that the transmission looked fine, and didn't see any problems. Three days later my transmission failed. I had it rebuilt. I had to practically blackmail the dealer to pay for 1/2 of the rebuild, leaving me $1200 out of pocket. They found a fuel leak while it was there and that cost me another $100.

On the way home from Mt. Bachelor, on XMAS day, my car starting shaking... thought I had a flat. Turns out my CV axle went out. $300.

In March I drove to Big Sky, MT. On the way home my car started shaking again. I managed to make it back to OR to find out that the CV axle went out again. They replaced it for free. Mind you, I purchased an extended warranty, but it did not kick in for 30 days... which had not passed yet.

The sunroof began to not seal all the way and I have to jimmy rig it to close it. The leather seats in the front both split at the seam. The sunroof leaked in the car wash, and the water burned and melted the leather on the seat...

There's more. I had my mechanic check out the car prior to a trip to CA in August. Lo and behold, both turbos were going out and the CV axle, AGAIN! $5000 in repairs... the warranty covered it. The car was in the shop for three weeks and I had to pay out of pocket for a rental.

Two weeks later the other CV axle goes out, along with the original one. The mechanic says he has never seen anything like this and can't figure out what is up. He replaced them both... AGAIN.

I blew a tire two weeks ago and was told that I needed to replace two, if not four tires, because of the AWD. I chose to do two as I had purchased 4 new ones back in March.

The car has been making the same noises that it makes when the axles are about to go out. I took it back to the entire place, and while driving the car my transmission started to slip.

I cannot F'ing believe this car. I can't in good conscience sell it to some other victim, but I am going to lose $11k on a trade in. Is there a class action suit, or not? Any advice would be appreciated!