10th Aug 2001, 18:05

I have Zastava 101 Lux 1978 and 210000 with the same motor. It's a good car.

28th Feb 2002, 06:18

I also have a Z 101 Lux manufactured in the year of 1979, and I must say that the quality of this car has already saved my life in critical situations. It's an excellent vehicle!

3rd Aug 2002, 14:01


All Zastava/Yugo cars built in the 70's came with FIAT drivetrain, and had to adhere to Fiat quality policy.

After Zastava factory started doing things on their own...

Well the rest is history... *thinking about the yugo that flew of off Mackinak bridge...*

8th May 2003, 12:27

I have Yugo Sana, in Serbia called Florida and I must say that is very good car.

With Fiat engine 1.4 liters it's quite fast and car for whole family.

Plastic is a problem, but everything else it's OK.

Florida is same class with Golf 2,Renault 19,Opel Kadett.

It is much more space in cabin and in the boot too.

I hope so that the new model 'Yugo Florida In' with Peugeot engine 1.4 and 1.6 will be much better and have a better future!

24th Oct 2003, 19:23

The "Zastava 101" Also known as the "STOJADIN", is a fun great little car. I use to own one when I lived in Yugoslavia (Serbia) and it always ran fine. Now that I'm in Canada my car is much bigger and better. I enjoyed the "STOJADIN" when I owned it and did not have too many problems. I did not especially like the shifter, it doesn't look sporty enough.

10th Nov 2003, 12:29

ZASTAVA 101 is not the best car on this planet, but it is very nice, doesn't have a bad engine, but also it is not so beautiful. Eats to much fuel.

4th Oct 2005, 06:05

I drive Zastava 101 Confort from 1978. for almost a year now. I've got it as a present from my grandfather who still thinks it's a best car ever built. I must admit, I was surprised by quality & strenght of it's engine. After almost 30 years this car looks amazing, a real old timer!

But I'm planning to buy myself a new car anyway :)

13th Dec 2005, 13:51

Problematic areas? Well, the very front edge of the front bumper, as well as the rear edge of the back bumper.

Oh yah, and everything in between.

16th Dec 2005, 00:24

Thanks for the comprehensive and detailed submission, (kindly offered by 13/12 commentator) which spells out, in such detail, "problematic areas" relevant to the Yugo. Such expert assistance is always invaluable, and greatly appreciated.

19th Dec 2005, 17:14

Oh, you're welcome, glad to be of assistance! Anything else I can help you out with?

19th Dec 2005, 22:54

No, thank you, not at this stage. However, may I impose on you again, if I buy ANOTHER Yugo in the near future? It may also have some "problematic areas" which I will need to have examined. Thank you.

5th Apr 2006, 10:20

I very much like zastava 101!!! send me mail sumpeus@yahoo.com.

15th May 2010, 19:26

How the hell did you buy a Zastava 101 in Ireland?!?!?! :D I live in Serbia, but I was in Ireland once and I saw a Yugo Koral 55 :) :) What a shock for me! I also saw IMT Rakovica tractor there ^^ :) Did you import some of the Zastava's vehicles during the '80s?

Anyway, I also owned a 1978 Zastava 101 (it was 5 years older then me :) ), it never died, still working. Main problem is corrosion, but if you sort that out, put some anti corrosion protection, it will last forever.

It is very cheap to maintain, original parts are very very cheap. Here in SRB, engine rebuilt costs around 300 euros with original parts + labor (about ~100e) and that engine will do another easy 150 000+ Km. There is no luxury there, it is only a transport vehicle, not a status symbol. If you need something to go from point A to point B, it will do the job same as any other car :) + It is an old timer and probably no one else drives Zastava 101 in IRL :)