2000 Yugo 55 Tempo 1.1 Tempo from Serbia


Best car ever made. I am delighted with it


Nothing for now.

Few bulbs and just ordinary maintenance.

General Comments:

The color is superb (Lemon yellow), with alloy wheels on it and stylish side mirrors) also in yellow), blue lights on wiper washers (very cool look) and dark tinted windows. Real pimp my ride style. Girls are crazy about this car and they scream while am cruising along the city in the night (remember - blue lights).

The seats are very spacious because I am 170cm high and 112 kilograms of weight. The cabin is pretty large for me and for the girl (s). The rear bench is pretty good for some late night gymnastics (when I am lucky). :) The boot space is very generous for such a small car. I can put two creates of beer or one pretty big roasted pig (that is when I am going at country side).

I have LPG inside so it cost me almost nothing to cruise through the city (some 2 euros outside the city and some 5.5 euros on every 100km in the city). This Yugo have fantastic acceleration and top speed is some 175 km/h on highway.

The brand new car cost some 3500 euros.

Now I can say that Mercedes sucks and it is a piece of garbage.

I wish that Yugo never stop with production.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2008

1990 Yugo 55 Koral 1.1 gasoline from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Good old friend


Fuel pump replaced at 75,000kms. - the problem was in bad fuel tank-to-pump connectors so the fuel leaked when revving or going up hill. It cost 2,5€, but the new fuel pump is around 20€ (it's mechanical).

Some interior plastic pieces broke (very hard to find an to replace). The low quality combined with drivers and co-drivers strenght an an 18 year old car is not a good combination.

Apart from that nothing went wrong, only I have problems with getting some replacement parts although there is less than 500 mils from Kragujevac, where these cars are still built.

The fabric radio installation is crap, an awful noise is coming from speakers while the radio (or cassette, or Cd) is turned on, but it's easy and cheap to make a new one.

Front lights came with R2 bulbs and got yellow very quick-really bad in the night, but you can find replacement ones (for fiat 126-they're the same) fitted with H4 bulbs-problem solved.

General Comments:

It very cheap to drive and maintain, not attractive to thieves. It's quite a small car, but I manage to go on a holiday every year with my family of 4. Don't ask where we put all the things.

It's not a big fuel consumer, but you have to be kind to a gas pedal. It's drinks about 6-6,5 liters per 100kms fully loaded on an open road (speed up to 90kms, average about 80kms). In a city it can drink up to 10 liters during the cold winters, but the advice is not to drive with choke on more than 1-2 minutes (it' hand controlled).

The suspension is OK for a small car, but it leans a lot during fast corners and hard stopping or fast starting. A few changes have been made since the car was bought, and it's time to replace shock absorbers. The chasity could be more rigid, you can fell it "breathing" in small sharp corners.

Regular service cost around 15€ (4 liters of engine oil, engine oil filter and air filter). The sparks (Super Bosnia FE 65 CPD) cost around 5€ (set of 4 pieces) etc., etc.

The seats are not comfy, but you can live with them. When the driver is taller then 180cm there is no place on the back seat except for small kids.

The transmission is reliable (it never broke, and I replaced the oil in it only twice for 18 yrs.) but it is difficult to put it in a right gear. During the years your learn how and where so there are no big problems.

The engine is good old fiat sohc code named 128A064 (made in Belgrade by the fiat licence), it goes and goes (and likes to rev a lot) and still doesn't make any problems. Only replace timing belt every 40,000kms and oil every 5,000kms.

The body is still in a good shape, small amounts of rust are there on the right door and back door, but it can be easily fixed. I think I was lucky because I saw very rusted models.

Ate the end I can say it never left down, for 18 years I fired it up millions of times and went where I wanted, never used road assistance or similar.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2007