1987 Yugo GV GV 1.1 liter from North America


Lots of FUN, amazing for what it is


Nothing, I wrecked it 1 week after getting my license and never fixed it. Still own 2 of them; will eventually make one work.

General Comments:

Had a great time in the little time I drove the car. My dad had bought it for me when I was about 13 as my first car. We already owned one, but this one was in better condition.

Me and my friends would drive the both of them around my 10 acres of property. I did a lot of stupid stuff in this car, like climbing sand hills and jumps. Even though it was only 1.1 liter, it still got around really well. I made this car go places some all wheel drive vehicles have a hard time with. I got my Yugo up to 105-110 MPH (probably about red line 4th gear) on a very slight downhill and would get up to 95 on flat; I don't think the car was capable of much faster with only the 4 gears. I had the pedal to the floor at all times in this car, and still got 25 MPG. I raced a few different junkers like a 1980s Toyota Tercel; the Yugo was by far faster than the Toyota. Same story when racing Metros and a Subaru Justy.

Overall the car was more fun than anyone gives it credit for. I am very disappointed in myself for having treated it so bad through the ages of 13 to 16. I hope to restore one of the two I have to good condition.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2014

25th Nov 2014, 21:42

You're going to restore a Yugo that has been sitting for the last 10 years?

Well, good luck with that. Most of the rest were thrown away decades ago -- not even in salvage yards any more.

1987 Yugo GV 2D Hatchback 4 cylinder from North America


Fun, affordable, dependable and I wish I had another just like it!


Very little has gone wrong with this car! Maybe it is the last living Yugo in the U.S.?!?!

I have replaced the normal wear and tear parts-new tires, air filter, oil filter, and some light bulbs.

Last Christmas I needed a new gas pump, and today we are replacing the starter. I will say that the inside door handles and speaker cover have come loose. But I hope that does not stop us from getting another 10,000 miles out of it.

I drove this car 7 days a week for the last 3 years. It does not have air conditioning, which we have missed to a certain extent. But we are able to travel quite a bit on very little money as it still gets 39MPG on the highway. When gas prices surge, it makes very little difference in my pocketbook with this little car!

General Comments:

Some people joke about a 4-cylinder small car getting run over on the highway, but my Yugo keeps up with the best of them! It does up to 90 MPH! It fills up at about $8-$9, and runs for a week on that. The color (yellow?) is not the most attractive and the interior is the same. But for an inexpensive car, it has been well worth every penny they sold it for when it was new!

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Review Date: 16th May, 2003

13th May 2004, 13:09

I was a single parent with three boys and was on the go with all of their activities. I bought my Yugo from a friend that sold it to me for $450, in three years it never left me stranded... no matter how cold it was outside, it always started right up in the mornings, no matter how long I drove it, it was always ready to keep going. I have had several cars over the years, my Yugo, years later, I still have... it needs another motor now, but I won't let it go... my Jaguar will be sold before I sell my Yugo... it was what helped my family through the worst of times... :)

26th Feb 2006, 19:48

I have 2 1987 Yugo Cars, I was given one, and paid $100.00 for the other. The one I drive has 97,000 miles on the od. I really enjoy this car, and drive it daily. I live in the mountains and it is really great in these hills. Also very dependable, I bought it from a one owner and it is in great shape. Friends laugh at my Yugo sometimes, but I laugh when I pass by gas stations. Great little car!!

24th Sep 2008, 20:31

I love my Yugo. I’m on eBay all the time looking to buy T-shirts, cups and other items that would show my love for the car. It’s dependable and very cheap to drive. I filled it up today for $26. That’s at almost $4 a gallon. The attention is unreal. People from all walks of life ask me about the car. Couple days ago a lady in an expensive looking Mercedes Benz admired the car while we were at a red light. It reminded her of the good times when she had one almost 20 years ago, she said. Anyways, I have a lot of fun with the Yugo her in Florida even with out the A/C. People laugh at the Yugo. I laugh at the gas pump. ;-)

1st Mar 2009, 17:52

My 1987 Yugo has 135,000 miles and uses no oil between oil changes. I have other cars, but can't say the same for them. The only work I have had done is front brake pads, and oil and filter change. However, I have had a problem finding shocks for it.

JC California.