1987 Yugo GV from North America


Great for learning about cars


It doesn't start reliably after rain.

The fuel tank can only be filled halfway (4 gallons).

Handles for rolling down windows break off easily.

I've had problems with the distributor, but with a little help I've gotten them fixed on my own.

General Comments:

It's actually a great car. I wouldn't drive it on the highway, but for going to class and work, it's great. I've learned a great deal about cars since I've driven Yugo.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2003

1st Dec 2005, 03:15

I had one several years ago, and had the same problem. It wasn't running right when I bought it, which is why I got it cheap with only 37K miles on it, so I figured all it needed was a tune-up. I did the timing as part of the tune-up and it ran worse. With that, I quickly realized that when I turned the distributor way off the timing mark it ran better. Turns out the timing belt had jumped three teeth. Fixed that (didn't even need a new belt), re-did the timing and the car ran great. I actually liked that car. It seemed much quicker than it's rated 55 hp.

17th May 2008, 23:01

I bought an 87 GV new that year as a second car to commute 20 miles each way to work. Back in 87 I could go both ways for a dollars worth of gas. My sister in law bought a 88 Suzuki Samari that was slower than my Yugo. I got a speeding ticket going 75 with it. Cop said, got your rubber band wound a little tight, eh? I had 87,000 miles trouble free except starter and ignition switch until I decided to clean carb and dropped washer down intake and broke a piston. I got so mad, I sold it for $250.00 to a junkyard. Now that gas hoovers at $4.00/gal. I'm going to try and get it or another instead of my 88 2.3 Mustang. Still the best deal I ever got.

1987 Yugo GV 1.1 from North America


I love it


The drivers side seat has begun to wear out. The starter had to be replaced right after I bought it, along with all the vaccumhoses and the bushings. I am having some kind of either gas or carburetor problem now. What happens, is that when it is damp and cold the car will just shut down. I can get no power at all. After I let it sit for 2 or more hours or spray starter fluid into the carb, it will start. Has any one else had this problem? If so, what is the solution?

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

1987 Yugo GV 1.1 liter from North America


Maybe not all are great, But mine sure is


Since I Purchased the vehicle, the only thing I have done to it is keep the gas tank full. I have had no problems.

Without exaggeration I use this car to commute daily a 35 mile drive one way over a 7000 ft grade.

General Comments:

The interior even if bare and basic, I feel is adequate for the average person. Taller drivers might not like it since headroom is at a minimum.

I am 6'5 and my head is against the inside roof of the car. But this is I feel rather my problem then any fault of the car.

The back lip on the hatch back part does seem quite high for such a small car which makes loading and unloading of groceries etc more difficult than should be necessary.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2003

12th Nov 2006, 15:10

You have a running Yugo with over 100,000 miles. Congratulations, this is a pretty amazing thing. I'd like to see more of these on the road. So far, in six years in Dallas-Fort Worth I have seen two.

6th Jul 2007, 14:43

I have 2 Yugo's with over 100,000 miles and still going.

1987 Yugo GV 1.3 injected from North America


Surprisingly good car for the pocket change I paid for it


I cant think of anything wrong with the car that wasn't a result of user error.

General Comments:

I purchased the car on a lark because it was $75. I find that I am more and more impressed with this little piece of junk every time I drive it. I was impressed enough to buy a second one for $50 a few months ago.

The only problems I've had with the car were my own fault (like not cleaning out the fuel tank that sat full for eight years).

Parts mostly need to be mail ordered but they are -all- available. It's a Fiat 128 made under license, and Fiat 128's are still being made in half a dozen countries.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2001

3rd Feb 2005, 14:10

It's actualy a Fiat 127, not a 128...

23rd Nov 2007, 20:45

I have a 1987 Yugo which I really enjoy driving. It has air conditioning, in the summer it tends to heat up, and I am forced to stop and let the motor cool down for a while. I have had the raidatior serviced, but it still heats up! Any suggestions? JC California.

1987 Yugo GV 1.1 gas from Yugoslavia


The most under-appreciated car in history


The clutch cable broke twice. But that's pretty much it.

General Comments:

Yugos rule!!! If someone hadn't stolen it and ran it into a tree, I'm sure I'd still own it.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2000

15th Dec 2000, 19:54

I only had my Yugo for 2 years, and it was the BEST bargain car ever! The only problem I had was a broken belt and the starter that went out on me... but this was my fault. I used an engine degreaser that accidentally saturated the starter. I suspect the belt deteriorated from the degreaser too.

Anyway, I only sold it because Yugo America went bankrupt... and I did not realize that the entire mechanical workings of the vehicle were that of a Fiat, otherwise I would have kept it. Never gave me a headache. I miss my YUGO.