11th Apr 2001, 08:13

I think I'm in love. I love my Yugo, because it has never disapointed me. If only people were so reliable. It's 18 years old and still is the most attractive car I have ever seen. It has some minor home improvements, so that, even without a fifth gear, it is not a problem going 100mph on a highway. I don't remember paying more than 20$ for spare parts. I have a friend that owns Ford Orion and in last few months he has spent over 2000$ for spare parts! For that money you could buy at least 10 used Yugos! I have suggested him to buy a Yugo as he can see that mine is indestructible, but he wouldn't listen. Anyway, my Yugo is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I wouldn't sell it even for a million dollars.

29th Jun 2005, 17:52

My grandfather bought a 88 Yugo GV new for close to $4500 after all the misc. dealer fees. He just got rid of it last summer after the City of Norfolk, VA told him he could have that many cars in his parking area (he had 2 Yugos and 3 Geos - loves the economical cars!) Had very few problems with it, got great gas mileage, and was fun to drive. I think the best Yugo I've seen overall was the one my friend owned - restored from the ground up - with one change (and it can be done - with some fab work) - a 1.6L Honda motor out of a Civic Hatchback - some mid 80s model, with the 5 speed trans. A lot of people think it may not work, but like I said, it will IF you know what to do and have the equipment to do so. Personally, I would have put a little Suzuki 4 cylinder out of a Metro (95/96 Model - Fuel Injection - would have required massing wiring though.) Overall, if you got some $$$ and a desire to modify something, make a real original piece of work (or s**t - like some people think small cars are), then a Yugo is a great place to start.