19th May 2002, 01:20

Hi guys, I live in Yugoslavia, the country that makes Yugos. I'm sorry, but I just can't see the good side of this car. Yugo is like a tin can, bad body work, weak engine, no ABS, no power steering, no air bags... I have Yugo and it let me down on a highroad for several times. If I had money I would buy any other car.

11th Feb 2004, 18:17

Oh these cars are horrible in Canada and the USA, just like anywhere else. I think they have to be the cheapest made cars I have ever seen. BTW by "cooling pipe rupture", what do you mean? A coolant hose blew? If that IS what you mean, 2 things:

1. If your friend ever popped the hood of the car and noticed the hose had a bulge, he would have replaced it.

2. Usually when a car dumps all its coolant, one would pull over and fix whatever was wrong (in this case, a 10 dollar hose and some more coolant to fill it back up).

Escorts probably wouldn't win "best car ever made" award, but they are 10000 times better than a Yugo. The one and only time I would get a Yugo is:

1. It is free.

2. It runs already.

3. It is full of gas.

I would drive until I ran out of gas and leave the heap on the side of the road.

During that time I would be secluded from anyone that knows me so that they wouldn't see me in such a car.

18th Dec 2004, 21:16

They are easy to work on if you are a mechanic, and if you are not a mechanic you will be if you ever own one of these!I just wonder if ever one of these people who love these cars have owned a real car! some say they have over 200000 miles, if they do they have spent a life fortune! Think of all the good cars they could have had! I bought a new one in 1986,still have bad dreams of how it wouldn't run, thought it was a fiat 128 far from it! best small car for the money 'Geo Metro 3 cylinder 5 speed Can't KILL IT!

11th Feb 2005, 03:16

You can hate or love Yugo, but nobody can be indifferent about this car. This is really charismatic vehicle.

14th Jun 2005, 11:25

Yugo's are known for being the most unsafe cars ever built, so why do you people drive them? My 1985 190D Mercedes gets 40MPG and has about 500,000 miles on it and is still very safe (weighing 2700 pounds and built strong), and easy to work on and handles well. The other Mercedes diesel we had was just as good getting 38MPG weighing 4200pounds that was a lot safer and was fairly fast.