18th Jun 2007, 14:15

It was a 1.1 liter. Some people report over 35-40 mpg, some 25 mpg. It is all over the map.

27th Sep 2007, 15:31

I just got a 1988 GVX with all the fancy body trim and wheels. I always liked the Yugo , but never had one. I have owned Fiats in the past, and even now.

I don't care what anybody says about the cars, I still think they're a great little car.

They're fun to work on and talk about with other micro car owners.

5th Jan 2008, 20:03

Gas mileage varies with these, just like any other car. If you car is very poorly tuned, running crap gas and you're red-lining it constantly (which most people with Yugos seem to do) than mpg isn't going to be great. And vice-versa. Cool car though.

16th Jan 2009, 16:29

I have had 2 Yugos, both 1988s. I averaged 50 - 60 miles per gallon and could go about anywhere in them. I wish they'd import them again. I crashed one of them into the side of a 3/4 ton Chevy truck at 40 MPH amd bent the truck frame. I was unscathed and, after I pulled the fender away from my tire with a 2 x 4, my car was still driveable. I think they are outstanding little cars even if people who have not experienced them do make fun of them...

17th Jul 2010, 09:42

Well I don't know about 50-60, but I get about 43 on the highway. Biggest reason these don't get good mileage is all the emissions crap. I got rid of everything and it runs great.

I have laid out the new Honda Fit, Ford van, mail truck thought he had somethin to take home also, wrong. Haven't made it to the track yet, but figuring in driver error of the other guys, and they're around 16 seconds or so, I'd say in in the low to mid 16s. I may be disappointed though as it doesn't launch very well. Although I can smolder the tires in 1st and bark second.

17th Jul 2010, 11:10

Here is a some places to get Yugo parts:


802 Woodruff Street

San Angelo, TX 76905

1-800-736 6410 or 325-248-6706

They are a factory authorized distributor

Midwest-Bayless Italian automobiles

1333 Kingry Street

Columbus, OH 43211



18th Jul 2010, 09:27

Tell me you're not racing a Yugo...

20th Jul 2010, 13:12

I'm racing a Yugo! Pretty soon going to be at the track here in OKC if anyone wants to see some unsuspecting victims get wasted. ie Hondas, etc. And for being unreliable, it didn't seem to mind a trip from Maryland to Oklahoma one bit.

10th Jun 2013, 13:26

"I have laid out the new Honda Fit"

You most certainly did not. The Fit 5 speed stick is a mid 8 second 0-60 car. AT BEST when NEW the 1.1 litre Yugo might do it in 12. Even the automatic Fit, being significantly slower than the stick, is still 2 seconds quicker to 60 than the 1.1 litre Yugo.

It's like the guy who bought a new Mazdaspeed3 and crows that he "dusted 911 Turbos all day". It just didn't happen.