31st May 2006, 02:00

I am in America and I love these fun little cars. They have become somewhat of a collector car, now. Ford Pinto is a ugly slow piece of crap. I wouldn't be telling people If owned one. I would much rather drive a Yugo than a disgusting pinto.

31st May 2006, 17:03

At least some Pintos are now worthy of restoring, the Cruising Wagon for example. Nobody will ever bother restoring a Yugo though -- what for? They looked like crap brand new...

1st Jun 2006, 12:17

"I would much rather drive a Yugo than a disgusting pinto."

C'mon now, don't be upset 'cause you know the Yugo is actually hated more than one of the worst American cars ever built. Hey, at least the Pintos were reliable when they weren't detonating from rear collisions.

1st Oct 2007, 19:11

I have a 1988 yugo gvx.

This car is a fun car to own and talk about with other small car owners.

2nd Jan 2009, 12:31

For $300, you really can't go wrong. At least it gets noticed. There are plenty of cars that just blend in with traffic and get no reaction at all. For your money, you have a car that will stir up controversy, and that in and of itself can be fun. I would consider an engine swap to something like a Honda B16, or even a big sport bike engine of some sort. Then when people laugh at it, you can blow their doors off and laugh at them. It would be the ultimate sleeper!

26th Mar 2011, 17:39

The Yugo is hardly a serious car, almost obsolete today in the U.S.

But it is a cult car with rich personality and history. Who cares about its shortcomings anymore? I am very surprised and glad that they still run in the U.S.

15th Jun 2012, 19:50

Hey, if I get the Yugo I'm looking at for the right price, I will daggity dang sure rebuild it just to prove you wrong.

Here's what I dig about this car... despite being the cheapest, micky mousiest rinky dink car in the known world, (and nobody is really claiming otherwise - not even the Yugoslavians), this car did what it was supposed to do, and evidently there are a few that are still doing it. That is a testament to the human spirit.

Even though they got paid crap wages, worked in crap environments, endured crap treatment from a crappy government employer that crapped out shortly after the US debut of this crappy little car, they were worth the money they cost. How many brand new American made cars today are actually worth the sticker price??? I say not very many, maybe none!

5th Aug 2015, 17:36

Back in the day they were all but giving away Yugos because they were no longer in business. I test drove a GV (1.1 liter 4 speed) and a GVX (1.3 liter 5 speed). Even at $2500 I did not want the GV. Too slow for my hot rod tendencies.

I sprung for the 1988 GVX at a whopping $3500 for a brand new car. Drove it for several years with little issue. Strong little engine that would rev, and with the five speed gearing, it pulled well and would do an honest 100 mph plus. Rode a little stiff, but handled really well, better than my MGB GT, and about as well as my '90 Jaguar XJS or '00 Firebird Formula.

Everything worked on it to the end, including the A/C and all the electrical parts, lights, etc.

Had an unfortunate oil change mishap and the engine seized just before a multi state move, and I ended up leaving it behind. I'd love to get my hands on another!

7th Nov 2015, 06:03

No. They weren't worth their sticker price, even as low as it was. They were, and still are, thoroughly crappy cars, and when the last one left out of the few that are still on the roads today finally wheezes to its demise, no one will mourn their extinction.