1993 Yugo Sana 1.4i from Serbia


Cheapest 180 km per hour available


Gear box leaks a bit.

Seats have started to wear badly, what a coincidence...

General Comments:

Despite various advice like: buy a Golf or something, I decided to buy Sana. That is because one at the parking line had very nice light alloy wheels. So, it was not a mistake. That is a extremely spacious car inside.

Compared to some higher class cars (Mercedes 190 or Audi 80), the space you could use in is even bigger!

With a little adjusting of the front suspension (costs about $10) car became more stable at high speeds (when you have to push a brake and steer at the same time). It is, also, compared with other Yugo cars, more silent on the freeway. It accelerates really good.

For longer highway trips, this car is not that bad a solution.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2001

6th Sep 2022, 21:53

First positive review I have read about the Sana ever.