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2001 Alfa Romeo 166 Lusso from UK and Ireland
I like it more and more as time passes

1999 Alfa Romeo 166 Lusso from Australia and New Zealand

2002 Alfa Romeo 166 from Australia and New Zealand
Excellent tourer, great engine and fantastic design inside and out

1999 Alfa Romeo 166 2.0 TS from UK and Ireland
An Italian Thoroughbred

2000 Alfa Romeo 166 Lusso 3.0 Sportronic Auto from UK and Ireland
Fantastic Car - Get one!!!

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1999 Alfa Romeo 166 Super from UK and Ireland
Shame on all people running to buy Mercedes and BMW, leaving a jewel like the 166 at the Alfa Romeo factory waiting for the Italian government or some bicycle races to take the unpopular, underrated, and one of the best cars around.

1996 Alfa Romeo 164 Super Twin Spark from Netherlands
It was replaced by an 2004 Alfa Romeo 166 2.0 TS.

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 TS Selespeed from Malaysia
I'd go for a 3.0L 166 (a bullet proof engine) second hand ... Alfa Romeo are as much use as a chocolate fireguard when you cannot get help from their dealers

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