12th Jul 2015, 15:33

It is less wasteful to save a car from the scrapyard. Building new cars is energy intensive. This is a quality American made car and a collectible.

22nd Jul 2015, 03:59

It takes fewer resources to continue running a Lincoln from the 70s than to build a new Prius, not to mention no monthly payment, cheaper insurance, and far easier to service than a Prius, and with way more personality.

Also, believe it or not, the 460 was a pretty clean running engine for its time. My 800$ Mark IV passed emissions for the last time in the 90s with flying colors. People brag about saving SO much money on gas with their new cars, all the while making 300$+ monthly payments, and then have the gall to tell me my car costs too much on gas... oy vey!

1st Oct 2016, 17:42

I own 4 1976 Continental Mark IVs. They're once in a while cars. They are not daily drivers. I bought them because I love the way they look, and my husband and I enjoy working on them. They are rolling works of art, and they will never build cars like this again. Just like they don't build Duesenbergs any more. But it is sure nice and a lot of fun learning & looking at vintage and antique automobiles when a designer's mind and hand created the beautiful car of the past. Not a computer. The cars of the past put a huge smile on my face every time I see one. Take me to a time and place long past. Save all those beautiful cars from years ago. Restore them and love them.