28th Nov 2010, 11:06

First of all, this is anything but an American built car. It is a rebadged Kia. If you bought a Honda Civic, it would have been more American made than this car is... and you'd probably still have AC that works. All cars have a 3 year 36K mile warranty, so any car would not be covered at 40K miles.

Extended warranties are not cheap, so you should not have just assume it was processed. I would have been looking for full documentation and the packet of info they send you for an extended warranty. Yes, the dealer is partially to blame, but they no longer exist, which isn't really a surprise if that is how they did business.

9th Apr 2011, 14:21

That's why they went bankrupt. I don't believe they have changed since then. They are a failed company, and should have faded away after their bankruptcy.