23rd Jan 2011, 09:28

The difference in the U.S. is insurance. Most dealers won't let you take a car on their insurance, as it is written that a rep from their company has to be in the car at all times. I used to take cars alone all the time, but in the past 5 years or so, I haven't been able to at all different types of dealers. I have asked about it more than once, and always get the same response... insurance.

24th Jan 2011, 08:06

This is fine if you don't mind buying a "new" car with like 300 miles on it. If everyone insisted they put 50 miles on every car they test drove, they would all be used by the time anyone bought them. I prefer to buy my cars with less than 20 miles on them, so they are actually new still. Why would I want a car that has been abused by every other driver who is trying to figure out if it suits their needs on an hour long test drive?