4th Jun 2011, 15:56

You are right when you say the driving style affects gas mileage. I have a older Buick LeSabre with the 3.8 engine. I had to make a 200 mile run to a work location and come right back. It was all highway driving.

As a test I drove there at 60mph, and returned at 70mph. The different was 7 mpg or close to 20% less fuel.

Same thing with pulling away gently or/and letting off the gas before the stop sign. My car will coast about 2 miles before the stop sign.

If every one in America would get smart, we could probably import 10% less fuel every day. HUGE SAVINGS in the big picture.

11th Jul 2011, 11:37

Excellent info Kevin - Good job!

21st Dec 2011, 22:05

Can you update us on your overall driving experience with the Cruze Eco for the past 5 months? Have you had any issues in regards to hesitation when accelerating? I've read about this, and would be interested in your impressions to date. Thank you for updating us on your experience of owning the car.