10th Jul 2011, 20:34

I totally agree. I was able to get 45 MPG highway out my car when I kept it at 60 MPH. I drive a '96 Toyota Corolla with nearly 200,000 miles on it (and an AUTOMATIC transmission!) That I'm getting better mileage than almost all of today's cars with a '96 Toyota that I bought off some guy's front lawn for $1800 bucks is pretty sad. Heck, I bought a Saturn SL2 for $200 bucks, and even that gets 39-43 MPG on the highway. All you've gotta do is slow down. Even my '99 Chrysler Cirrus with a V6 will get roughly 32 MPG on the highway at 60 MPH.

13th Jan 2012, 03:02

Not all cars are the same. My Jeep sucks up 25% more fuel at 75 mph, but my Jetta, Cadillac and Ford Crown Vic only used 4% more fuel at 75 mph compared to 60. My Buick used around 10% more. It depends on the gearing, weight and horsepower.

For example, a Toyota 4-runner with a 4 cylinder would only get 14 MPG because it was so underpowered that the engine had to work much harder to keep highway speeds. An 8 cylinder domestic could get better MPG, because the RPM could run lower.