10th Jun 2011, 12:30

I agree with you on a manual vs a automatic trans car... whether it be a sports car or regular car... once you drive a manual car.. it's hard going over to an automatic. But I would say in defense of a automatic, that the resale of an automatic is a lot higher than a manual one.

Also I live in southern California... where the fastest growing items are people and congested traffic... driving a stick shift in bad traffic is no fun.

Also if you tend to keep your cars a long time... then a manual would be perfect... but if you sell in 3-5 years... an automatic just has better retail value...

18th Jun 2011, 19:51

I'm the original writer of the survey.

The automatic transmission on the Corvette comes with paddle shifter. They work as good or better than a manual. You should real try a paddle shift car out. You might be surprise. I used to feel the same way until I tried one.