8th Dec 2011, 12:52

Please read your Consumer Reports Annual Auto issue that comes out every year in April. It would have told you that Chrysler has had issues with many of their products... Including the Town and Country van. Reliability in many areas has been very poor. Hopefully these new owners coming in will turn that reliability record around, and they will build great cars/trucks like Chrysler did in the 50s, 60s and early 70s...

22nd Mar 2012, 21:22

Agree that Chrysler will not assist at all in resolving problems. They've got your money, and that's all they care about.

I drove Chrysler products from 1967 to 2009, and that last one was a real lemon, and they wouldn't even try to help.

We have a law where you can go before an adjudicator with a complaint, and they ended up having to buy back my vehicle at the full amount I paid for it. Unfortunately Ford customer service is identical. Customer service letters appear to be written by the legal department. Even simple questions about mileage to expect.