16th Sep 2011, 16:49

Please keep us posted as time and mileage accumulate. I would like to see how this minivan makes out in the long run. Thank you in advance.

17th Sep 2011, 16:19


Hello everyone! We now have 27,000 miles on the van. I've noticed that the fuel economy has gone down by an MPG, but that could be the tires.

The shuttering when shifting into reverse ended up being a punctured line leading to the transmission. It was replaced under warranty. It ended up being $100 for labor though.

The doors haven't failed again, but I have noticed that since the new part when on it has been slower to respond to the key fob. I'll have to contact the dealer about it.

Otherwise, the van still hasn't been too bad. We just got back from a trip to Ohio, and it ran fine, plenty of storage room for the luggage!

8th Dec 2011, 09:22

DON'T EVER ever buy a Chrysler car... the manufacturer will NOT entertain any complaints from the car owners, and instead pushes it back to the dealer.

I have a 2010 Town and Country car (barely 8 months old), and the car is giving me a grinding/rattling sound when I do a slow reverse or forward. When I sent it to the dealership, they said that this is NORMAL and that all Town and Country cars will have this problem... hence nothing can be done with it. When I reported this to Chrysler to get confirmation whether this is indeed NORMAL... they gave me the following response and washed their hands of it :-

"It is important to note that we have referred you to your dealership as they are trained and provided the most up-to-date and accurate information pertaining to your vehicle. Regrettably, we are unable to provide any technical information by correspondence or telephone."

I think that this is TOTALLY unethical for the manufacturer to declare that they are not in a position to tell me how their car would function!!!

I regret staying with Chrysler... you can be sure that my next car will NOT be a Chrysler!!!


8th Dec 2011, 12:52

Please read your Consumer Reports Annual Auto issue that comes out every year in April. It would have told you that Chrysler has had issues with many of their products... Including the Town and Country van. Reliability in many areas has been very poor. Hopefully these new owners coming in will turn that reliability record around, and they will build great cars/trucks like Chrysler did in the 50s, 60s and early 70s...

10th Dec 2011, 17:07

We switched from Chrysler to Ford and GM many years ago because of Chrysler's refusal to honor their warranty. We did go back to buy a Dodge truck in 2000, and found it to be a very reliable and flawless vehicle that never (thankfully) required any repairs. We bought it knowing we were literally on our own with it because of the lack of concern for customers. We were aware that Dodge trucks were virtually indestructible. We have friends that are still driving 25-year-old Dodge trucks with over a quarter million miles on them. If not for that fact, we would never have bought another Chrysler product. We still only buy Ford or GM cars.

16th Mar 2012, 17:14

First major fault. The dashboard failed completely, it would go off and on, all the lights would come up, and then it would constantly beep. The dealership first tried a re-flash of the computer; nothing. So then they replaced the dashboard. That's all though.

The van now has 38569 (just checked it right before now), and we are expecting 40000 in the next few months.

Oh something else that happened, someone backed into the left rear and cracked the tail lamp. Had that replaced as well. I guess it happens, especially driving into NY a lot. Minor scrapes and dents otherwise.

22nd Mar 2012, 21:22

Agree that Chrysler will not assist at all in resolving problems. They've got your money, and that's all they care about.

I drove Chrysler products from 1967 to 2009, and that last one was a real lemon, and they wouldn't even try to help.

We have a law where you can go before an adjudicator with a complaint, and they ended up having to buy back my vehicle at the full amount I paid for it. Unfortunately Ford customer service is identical. Customer service letters appear to be written by the legal department. Even simple questions about mileage to expect.

16th Nov 2012, 18:29


2010 Town and Country. At least the 4th Chrysler minivan we have had - minimum of 10 Chrysler/Dodge vehicles. We had a few problems with a 2008 Charger. Nothing too big. Stuff happens.

Now the vehicle from H*LL. Not yet 2 years old. Took it on a big trip cross country (both ways) and put nearly 10,000 miles on it. While on the trip, had some odd braking issues. Stopped at dealership out West who looked at it and said "no biggie. Get the rotors turned when you get home".

Fast forward 3 months. One day battery is dead. Jump it. Next day battery is dead. Take it to dealer who wants $100 to diagnose problem. Too many codes. Another $100. Still not sure. Looks like a $400 parking brake sensor (!!) Oh really? What a coincidence. Guess what, 39,000 miles. Warranty gone. Dealer says, call Chrysler, not even 2 years old, of course they should help you. NOPE. No help.

Pay $700 for repairs. Get in van. It won't start. $100 per diagnostic test - again and again and again. Now needs $$500 part plus labor. Call Chrysler. NOPE. Tough luck. Out of warranty. Pay nearly $2,000 - dealer takes van to car wash. Gets stuck in park. Finally wrestles it back to dealership - can't get it INTO park.

Today several hundred dollars later. Your van is fixed. Get in it to drive away - CHECK ENGINE light comes on and it dies.

C'MON Chrysler. We've been without a car for 3 weeks and you can't even help with the over $1,000 in diagnostic charges for stuff that isn't fixing the problem? Not a way to run a car company. The only Chrysler I would buy now would have to be pre 1970 with 5 fuses and a carburetor.