24th May 2012, 11:31

I own a 1988 XJ6 in Titanium with blue leather interior that I dearly love. It is extremely reliable and comfortable on long trips. I have made several round trips exceeding 1600 miles.

It does have some issues, rust popping up on the exact same spot on both rear quarter panels, trunk leaks no matter I do. The A/C blend doors aren't working, and there is next to NO info or photos available to describe that repair. The ABS accumulator is covered by a NHTSA recall, but the dealerships aren't particularly interested in effecting the repair. Fuel economy in town is atrocious, but highway mileage is quite acceptable at 25 MPG.

Yes, these are the last true all Jaguar products, but it is Ford Motor Company that saved Jaguar, Aston Martin and Volvo. It is Ford that improved the reliability of Jaguar, and Ford that finally got rid of those inboard rear brakes. In my view the last true Jaguars were the 6.0 litre models in both Saloon and XJS. The 1995-97 XJ6/XJ6R were extremely attractive and reliable. Sadly there are very, very few `95-97 XJRs left.

The new Jaguars may be wonderfully built and performing cars, but they look like Toyotas and Buicks, and nothing special. I am worried Jaguar may suffer the same fate as Packard. An excellent luxury marque very closely associated and identified by traditional styling cues, now lost in the modern saloons. It reminds me of the last Packards. Though to be fair, ugly doesn't seem to have hurt Cadillac.

2nd Jan 2013, 15:50

I ended up buying two Jags; an XJ6 Vanden Plas and an 1989 XJS. Both great cars.