11th Jan 2015, 07:07

In reply to the comment questioning if the engine is an Olds 307...

The Olds 307 was used in some sedans made and sold in Canada. Therefore, Caprice sedans might have either a Chevy 305 or an Olds 307.

I think this particular car is Canadian, because the mileage is indicated in kilometers, and not miles. Therefore, it's most likely a 307, as noted in the review.

11th Jan 2015, 16:54

I had several Delta 88s with the 307, and several Caprices with the 305. I never found the 305 to be noticeably more powerful in normal daily use, and it was slightly noisier. Also I found that while both engines will run up to 200,000 plus miles, the 305 seemed to 'get weaker' in worn old age, noticeably more than the 307 did.