14th Dec 2013, 20:02

Hey. I might be absolutely mistaken, but it seems to me like your Jag is one of those, as we call it in Poland, "post-flood" cars. We had a huge flood going on in 1997, and after that you'd see a lot of cheap "A1" on the market. Your Jag might have experienced some kind of trauma like that, so all they needed was a little bit of surface refurbishment and a client like you. Or it's haunted. That's always a possibility.

I've wanted one of these 1985 models since I was a kid, and I'm currently thinking of acquiring one and your review is of course making me doubt myself. So thank you for it.

17th Mar 2015, 00:41

I am sorry for your loss... one reaches a point when they finally have to say 'enough is enough, no more! Time to cut our losses.' I regret your ownership experience was so expensive. I have been there... after spending $1200 on repairs for a 1984 Audi 5000S (the company put $6000 worth of parts in the car, one year out of warranty), the differential went: $4000! Holy *%#@! Batman! That was the last straw for me.

4th Jan 2017, 03:20

If the head gasket failed after 30k, then the replacement job was not done right! Do you know for sure you have a bad head gasket or was it just another bad mechanic?