18th Jul 2016, 19:27

If you want to play Russian Roulette with 4 bullets in a chamber of 6, go to it.

23rd Feb 2017, 06:42

Have had a 1988 XJ6 for over twenty years, but I am a home mechanic and not afraid to research and take it apart. Low mileage is a factor on major components such as moving internal engine parts, but time is what causes the most problems... like seals, gaskets, electrical relays and connection, steering hoses, rear suspension bas etc... don't overpay for a car because of low mileage and don't expect it to be without troubles like a three year old car would be... FYI mine has 126,000 miles on it on my second motor; swapped the 3.6 for 4.0 litre with only 45,000 miles a few years back.

23rd Feb 2017, 15:15

Weigh out too the relationship level you have enjoyed in the past with someone next door to you.