1st Mar 2014, 08:30

I am pretty sure the CVT on the Honda Accord didn't come out til their newly designed 2013 Honda Accord model... You can also get the new designed Accord with a 6 speed manual trans... not everyone will like a CVT trans... so it's best to rent one or take an extended test drive on a new model with it...

2nd Mar 2014, 00:52

The 2012 LX, LX-P and SE had the 5-speed step geared (conventional) automatic.

The 2012 Accord also still had the metal key ignition lock (with electronic security encoding), which I prefer over the push button start stop button now becoming increasingly common.

I went with the LX-P also for the security system, and because the automatic was standard on that trim level and alloy wheels (which also made price negotiation easier, because it had all I wanted and no moonroof to decrease my headroom).

About the only things the SE added besides leather seats and steering wheel was heating of those seats, adjustable lumbar setting, and maybe a few more seat adjustment settings.