27th Nov 2014, 14:06

My sentimentality has often started the very first day. I have bought some very interesting cars and bikes as well. Most were bought from complete strangers. And then redone with a rigorous restoration. Most done with help from family members and friends. And some subbed out. If you have endured burns, cuts and many hours of sweat on a project car, you may understand. Doesn't matter if you don't know who owned it before; it's now yours.

27th Nov 2014, 16:29

Please explain why you keep insulting these fine cars, and people like me who owned one.

27th Nov 2014, 18:42

Oh, sorry about the lack of detail. Anyways these cars are getting fewer and further, and if somebody had one in the past, and liked it, and has the dream of owning another, purchasing one just like it is as close as you will get to "sentimental". This goes for any classic car.