24th Nov 2015, 20:44

I am the original poster.

It's been two years since the first post, and nothing has changed much. The car has now almost 25.000 km on it. Upholstery doesn't age well, but that was to be expected. General interior materials and quality are what you can expect for the price, perhaps a little over that, but not a great deal.

The reverse rumble is still a problem and other owners agree. It seems some trembling is to be expected from this car, perhaps a design problem.

Rear brake drums had to be refinished, as a threshold developed with use. The dealer told me this is a common issue for this car with city driving... i.e, rear brakes are not adequately sized for the car's weight.

I have not tested speed, but the car feels slow at city speeds. With the A/C on, getting off a crossing with the adequate speed to avoid oncoming traffic requires getting the RPMs to perhaps 2000 before starting. I don't like that aspect of the car, but then again, it's how it is.

Fuel consumption is about 11 km/liter city, 14 highway.

I'll check in a few months, and if there are any comments, I'll gladly add more information about the car.

1st Oct 2016, 06:18

0-60kph. 3.4sec.